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PS Series

More than 200,000 NEXO PS Series speakers are already hard at work around the world in applications where compact, high-output, linear response loudspeakers are required. Now the new PS R2 Series delivers as much as a 5dB higher sound pressure levels from a range comprising three scalable systems, all of which can be quickly and easily configured for main PA use, for use as floor monitors, or flown vertically or horizontally in installations or for use as side/rear fills.


The PS-R2 Series offers the user a range of totally integrated loudspeaker solutions, in which innovative transducer, waveguide and enclosure designs come together under the control of strategic equalisation from the NEXO DTD Controller or NXAMP to ensure extended bandwidth and sound pressure levels, along with a high degree of speaker protection.


System Design

Designing and configuring the perfect PS Series system is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue.



Central to the advanced performance of the PS-R2 Series is NEXO’s Asymmetrical Dispersion Constant Directivity horn design. Quick and easy for the user to rotate, it focusses more of the output of the loudspeaker on the audience (or performer when used as a monitor), greatly increasing the versatility of the system without compromising its performance in any given application.



The PS-R2 Series comprises 3 cabinets: the (original) PS8, the PS10-R2 and PS15-R2, along with LS400 and LS600 subs. Used in conjunction with NEXO’s ‘plug & play’ amplification and processing systems, it’s easy to configure touring and fixed installation systems for a wide variety of applications.


Power & Processing

NEXO’s NXAMP4X1MK2 and DTDAMP4x07/DTD Digital TD Controller make it easy to configure a cost-effective power and processing solution for PS8 systems. NXAMP4X2MK2 or DTDAMP4x1.3/DTD are perfect for PS10R2 systems while the NXAMP4X4 is ideal for powering large PS15R2 systems.



From U-brackets and truss clamps through to fixed hanging brackets and IP boxes, a comprehensive range of hardware makes it easy to deploy PS-R2 systems in a range of mobile or fixed applications. Full details and datasheets are available here.



Docs & Downloads

The place to get PS Series brochures, datasheets, manuals, drawings, exploded views and hi-resolution system images.



From a festival in shopping mall in Indonesia to a TV talent show in Germany, check out PS Series worldwide news or filter for your region and application.


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