Powered TD Controllers


Compact, light-weight, powerful and networkable, NXAMPMk2 Powered TD Controllers are the perfect amplification and processing solutions for large installations and touring NEXO systems.

Formidable power. Precision control. Flexible networking.

Available in 4 X 1300 Watts, 4 X 2500 Watts and 4 X 4500 Watts versions, the NXAMPMK2 combines advanced signal processing with four state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers to create a flexible, light-weight powering and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems. 

Occupying only 2U of rack space, the NXAMP4X1MK2 and NXAMP4X2MK2 weigh in at just 15.7kg and 16.1kg respectively, while the 3U NXAMP4X4MK2 weighs 25kg.

NEXO and Yamaha collaborate to set new performance standards

NEXO’s expertise in DSP control for high-performance loudspeakers is unparalleled in the sound reinforcement industry. And Yamaha has an unrivalled heritage in developing highly efficient and reliable power amplification devices. So when the two collaborate to create a new range of powered controllers, the result is sure to be something special. 

The perfect compact, light-weight power solution

Ideal for use in large-scale fixed installations and touring, these powered controllers are easy to set up and quick to deploy, with all essential parameters readily accessible via a large colour touch-screen on the front panel and a comprehensive range of control and networking facilities on the rear panel. 

Most importantly, the new NXAMPMK2 achieves a whole new level of sound quality, partnering with NEXO speakers to deliver a whole new level of audience experience. 

4 X 4500 Watts from a 3U rack

The Nexo NXAMPMK2 ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers combine 24-bit/96KHz converters and 64-bit signal processing to deliver significant advances in sound quality while three new multi core DSPs providing a future-proofed hardware platform, equipped to host new algorithms and run next-generation firmware updates for years to come. 

With a mains voltage range of 100 to 240 Volts it means the amplifiers can be used anywhere in the world and robust power supplies use PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology to ensure maximum power conversion efficiency. A flexible audio input system encompasses four, high end analogue inputs using cascaded converters for low output noise. Digital inputs are also available through the rear panel expansion card slot. A native dual Ethernet card facilitates remote control and daisy-chaining of amplifiers and other rear panel connectivity includes RS232 serial and GPIO ports along with Speakon outputs for each of the four channels.

Fingertip control

With ease of use central to the NXAMPMK2 design philosophy, a large colour 4.3″ LCD touch-screen provides access to all main functions directly from the amplifier front panel. 

Array EQ, User EQ, Mute and Meters, EQ Detail

Two settings of Array-EQ allow for a better compensation of ground, stacking and line array effect, on Low and High frequencies.

In addition to cabinet-related EQ and Array EQ, User EQ provides up to 8 bands per channel, editable on one or several channels at once.

NXAMPMK2 has two layers of mute: per-channel and overmute. Voltage and Protection Meters give relevant information on System Headroom.

User EQ is drawn in full screen for a better experience. The band type, frequency, gain, Q and on/off status can be easily edited.

Inactive Screen, Scene Parameters, Inputs, Setup

Inactive Screen: Displayed after a time interval of inactivity, this screen can be customised with a user image configured with NeMo.

Scene Parameters (volume, delay, gain, EQ, input patch, setup…) can be saved in one of the 32 scene slots, and can be copied and pasted.

The inputs view displays input levels and offers input alignment options. The input patch can be intuitively edited.

NEXO or Custom Setup can be edited on one or several channels. The cabinet name, its cross-over and output patch are always visible.

Load Monitoring, System Headroom, Log, Volume, Gain and Delay

Load Monitoring can be enabled and configured on every channel, to ensure speakers are monitored in real time and ready to use.

The System Headroom page gives real time information on amplifier levels and speaker temperature, displacement and protection levels.

Many parameters and alerts are always recorded into the log, providing valuable information on the NXAMPMK2 usage.

Navigate through menus and edit volume, gain (-18 to +18 dB) and delay (up to 1 second) on one or several channels at once.

Optional network cards

Digital inputs are also available through the rear panel expansion card slot offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound™, Dante™, Dante™ + AES/EBU or AES67 inputs, all with automatic analogue fall-back. A native dual Ethernet card facilitates remote control and daisy-chaining of amplifiers, and seamless integration with NEXO NeMo amplifier management software. 

NeMo System Management

Available for Windows, macOS and iOS, NeMo system management software allows users to control one or more NEXO devices (NXAMPMk2 Powered TD-controllers, DTD Digital TD-controllers and, coming soon, nanoNXAMP4/4D) from a tablet or smartphone through a Wi-Fi network, and from a desktop computer through a wired or Wi-Fi network. Managing and positioning devices, monitoring their parameters (levels, etc.), and setting new values (preset, volume, delay, EQ, etc.) is made possible via an attractive and intuitive user interface. NEXO NeMo also includes a powerful engine for logging and alerting.


Docs & Downloads

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