Extending the versatility of GEO S12, GEO M6 and PS Series

Flown in a line array

Flown above a series of GEO S12 cabinets, LS18 anchors a discreet and powerful line array that’s perfect for applications in which a clear stage is required, such as houses of worship.

With pole mounted cabinets

A robust steel fitting on top of the LS18 makes it quick and easy to pole-mount a PS15 cabinet, creating a powerful full-range system for mobile applications.

Drum monitor

A PS15 cabinet can also be mounted directly on top of the LS18 to provide a powerful drum monitor system.


Identical in width to the height of a GEO S12 cabinet, the LS18 is compatible with GEO S12 rigging hardware, making it quick and easy to configure the appropriate scale of groundstack for any venue.

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