Universal Amp Rack


The NEXO NUARMk2 Universal Amp Rack provides NEXO users with a scalable, ‘plug & play’, amplified audio distribution solution of unrivalled power and flexibility. Systems of any size can be configured easily using channel by channel preset selection of any NEXO cabinet, and digital output patching. 

Intelligent amplification for NEXO touring systems

The NUARMk2 rack comprises a pair of NEXO NXAMP4X4Mk2 amplifiers, twin DMU digital input metering devices to connect Analog and optional AES/EBU or DanteTM inputs and a pair of DPU digital output patching devices for easy connection to any NEXO speakers. Based on dual-phase power supplies with active PFC and universal mains inputs, the amplifiers deliver up to 8 channels of 4500 watts with the latest generation of 96kHz / 64-bit NEXO processing. 

System configuration is simple, using either ESMonitor or the NEXO NeMo iPad® app. NEXO cabinet presets are selected on a channel by channel basis, with selected cabinet names displayed by the DPU for easy output patching. 


At the heart of the NUAR rack, the NXAMP4X4Mk2 combines advanced signal processing with four state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers to create a flexible, light-weight powering and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems. Easy to set up and quick to deploy, all essential parameters readily accessible via a large colour touch-screen on the front panel and a comprehensive range of control and networking facilities on the rear panel. 

The NXAMP4X4Mk2 ultra-low distortion Class D amplifier combines 32-bit/96KHz converters and 64-bit signal processing to deliver significant advances in sound quality. 


Network Cards

NXAMPMk2s and NUARMk2 racks can be pre-configured with EtherSound, Dante or AES digital audio networking cards.

DMU Intelligent input patching and metering

The original DMU has been redesigned to accommodate the NXAEDT extension board. Front panel connectors allow connection of up to 4 Balanced Analog Inputs on XLR with link, 1 AES/EBU input on XLR with buffered and failsafe relay by-passed output, and 4 flexible 1Gb network inputs on etherCON RJ45 connector. Each audio input level can be monitored through LED based vu-meters while the network activity uses a different LED colour depending on the network port configuration (DanteTM Primary, DanteTM secondary or separate Remote Control port). 

DPU Automated output patching

The DPU is an intelligent amplifier power output patch bay that can route the NXAMPMk2 outputs to any combination of SPK-4 or SPK-8 connectors. Three different modes of routing can be user selected: Automatic (lets the DPU decide the best routing to the SPK connectors), All-on-SPK8 (useful to route the NXAMPMk2 4 channel outputs on one cable) and Pass-through (to reuse existing cabling foreseen for NXAMPMk2 outputs).

Security is assured by fully redundant power supplies and dual switching. When connecting DPU to the NXAMPMk2, a routine first checks that the power from the amplifier is coming from the correct channel. If communication is lost with the NXAMPMk2, the DPU retains its configuration until contact is resumed.

Optional power distribution units

The MDU-232C is an optional power distribution unit designed for use in countries with mains voltages in the range of 220V – 240V. 6 different output circuits are connected to 2x out of the 3 phases of the 400 volts Mains input. The NUARMk2 pre-cabled with this power distribution unit can be ordered in three variants (Yellow, Red, Blue) depending which phases are in use. Balancing the colour on the NUARMk2 on the mains allows a balanced usage of the three phases.

Power Illustration 1

12 x M28 ( 2 x 6 hang ) / 6 x MSUB18 ( 3 per side ) 2 x NUARMk2.

Power illustration 2

16 x M28 ( 2 x 8 hang ) / 12 x MSUB18 ( 6 per side ) 2 x NUARMk2 .

Power Illustration 3

24 x M28 ( 2 x 12 hang ) / 12 x MSUB18 ( 6 per side ) 3 x NUARMk2.

NeMo System Management

Available for Windows, macOS and iOS, NeMo system management software allows users to control one or more NEXO devices (NXAMPMk2 Powered TD-controllers, DTD Digital TD-controllers and, coming soon, nanoNXAMP4/4D) from a tablet or smartphone through a Wi-Fi network, and from a desktop computer through a wired or Wi-Fi network. Managing and positioning devices, monitoring their parameters (levels, etc.), and setting new values (preset, volume, delay, EQ, etc.) is made possible via an attractive and intuitive user interface. NEXO NeMo also includes a powerful engine for logging and alerting.


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