Digital TD Controller


Compatible with amplifiers from other manufacturers, the DTD Digital TD Controller for NEXO loudspeaker systems makes the world’s favourite compact, high-output systems even more accessible. 

More performance in more applications

Now it’s possible to choose amplification from other manufacturers or extend the life of existing amplification in a wide range of NEXO loudspeaker applications from small mobile systems to more sophisticated multi-cabinet installations. Available in touring and install versions and with advanced speaker control processing taken from the NEXO NXAMP, the DTD Digital TD Controller also delivers dramatic improvements in sonic performance over previous analog TD Controllers. 

Feature packed

Providing sophisticated control over crossover, EQ and time-alignment along with speaker protection, the DTD is very easy to use, with automatic amplifier sensing and simple Sub Gain, Main Gain and Crossover Mode control available directly from the front panel (DTD-T touring version). 

The DTD combines efficient speaker processing with a flexible range of inputs including stereo balanced analog inputs, an AES input and a USB port enabling direct driverless audio playback from laptops, etc. An optional Dante™ input is also available. 

A more sustainable route to NEXO sound

DTD delivers NEXO processing to existing amplification solutions, so you can keep your existing amps and make the move to NEXO speakers.

Dory remote control

Available for free on Google Play (for Android device) and on NEXO website (for Mac and Windows devices), NEXO’s Dory Software provides remote control of NEXO DTD Digital TDcontroller through its USB port.


NeMo System Management

Available for Windows, macOS and iOS, NeMo system management software allows users to control one or more NEXO devices (NXAMPMk2 Powered TD-controllers, DTD Digital TD-controllers and, coming soon, nanoNXAMP4/4D) from a tablet or smartphone through a Wi-Fi network, and from a desktop computer through a wired or Wi-Fi network. Managing and positioning devices, monitoring their parameters (levels, etc.), and setting new values (preset, volume, delay, EQ, etc.) is made possible via an attractive and intuitive user interface. NEXO NeMo also includes a powerful engine for logging and alerting.


Docs and Downloads

The place to get DTD brochures, datasheets and manuals.


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