Great sound for the great outdoors

Engineered and Tested for extreme conditions

Exceeding the requirements of EN54-24 certification, ePS Outdoor loudspeakers have been further developed and tested to ensure consistent performance and long product life, even in the most severe conditions. From the use of high-grade A4 stainless-steel screws to UV-protected cloth and polyurethane coatings, every detail has been considered and the final designs have been subjected to 800 hours of salt spray testing (ISO 9227 standard) and 600 hours UV testing (DIN 75220 standard).

Ready for every environment

Connections on the rear panel are made through two (in/out) pairs of terminal blocks with an IP cover for moisture protection.



A satisfactory audience experience often necessitates compromise between the wide, short throw coverage required by listeners closest to the stage, and the narrow, long throw coverage required by those at the back of the venue. The asymmetrical horns in ePS Outdoor speakers are engineered such that vertical coverage is narrower above horn axis than below. The horns can be rotated for optimum directivity for any fixed installation.

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