Mix. Match. Build the perfect system.

The GEO M Series comprises three systems: GEO M6, M10 and M12 – each with variable horizontal dispersion and each with a dedicated and proportionally-sized sub bass cabinet. Because all three systems share the same sonic signature and ‘plug & play’ amplification and processing solution, it’s easy to mix and match GEO M systems in a single application, for instance GEO M12 for the main PA and GEO M10 for the delays.

How much LF do you need?

Dedicated MSUB12, MSUB15 and MSUB18 sub-bass cabinets extend system response down to 45Hz, 40Hz and 32Hz respectively. Easy to deploy in Omni mode, the MSUB sub bass modules also accommodate cardioid implementation either in stacked or flown configurations. The front and back rigging systems are compatible so the subs can be implemented ‘front to back’. Connectivity is repeated on each side, making it easy to remove cables from audience view.

One amplifier powers up to 16 boxes

With a variety of networking options, NEXO NXAMPMK2 powered TD controllers provide a flexible and cost effective power and processing solution. A single 4 channel amplifier can power up to 16 boxes and presets are instantly available for all NEXO cabinets, making it easy to mix and match GEO M systems in a single application.

Touring and Installation versions

GEO M10 and M12 modules are available in touring and installation versions. The Touring versions use a magnetically fixed front steel grill with a back mesh and the connection plate features NL4 connectors. The Installation versions keeps the same acoustic design but come with a fixed front steel grid covered by an acoustic cloth. IP54 rated connectivity is made through cable gland and captive four core cables (IP Cover used on GEO M6).

The most ingenious rigging you've never seen

All structural forces acting on a GEO M Series cluster are born by the groundbreaking NEXOSkeleton™ integral rigging system, rather than the cabinets. Fully TÜV certified, any configuration of cabinets can be safety-checked, using NEXO NS-1 system configuration software.

Set rigging angles quickly and easily

Rigging angles can be set quickly and easily from the rear of the cabinet using a single, integrated ball lock and cable tie, and a guide to hole alignment.

Fly or stack. Just click to deploy.

GEO M10 and M12 cabinets feature the TÜV-compliant, AutoRig™ integral rigging system The rigging can be held in the ‘open’ position, locking closed when the next box is located, making it easy for one pair of hands to configure systems straight out of the flightcases.

Any colour you like

GEO M Series installation version cabinets are available in any RAL colour ensuring a low visual impact in any venue.

Corporate Events

The combination of high power and low visual impact makes GEO M6 + MSUB12 the perfect choice for use in corporate events. A comprehensive range of mobile rigging accessories makes it easy for contractors and rental companies to achieve exceptional sonic performance without impinging upon the production design.

Live Events

GEO M10 groundstacks are the perfect sound reinforcement solution for live events. Quick and easy to deploy, this system uses the Touring Bumper to configure stacks of 2 x MSUB15s with 3 x GEO M1012 cabinets on top. And just one NXAMP4x4 is all it takes to power and control a highly-capable stereo system that’s equally suitable for speech and music.

Music and Theatres

The MSUB18 + GEOM12 combination is a high-power yet low visual impact solution perfect for large theatres and live venues. The high efficiency of the MSUB18 enables subs to be flown together with the main cabinets, delivering perfect sub coverage with less or no room taken on stage. The example shown here weighs less than 400 kg making it suitable for any 500 kg single rigging point. The bottom boxes of the line would typically be the higher vertical dispersion model (20°, GEOM1220) equipped with the horizontal flanges option to offer 120° horizontal coverage. This entire line uses only 3 channels of NXAMP4x4MK2 – the remaining channel can be used for ground subs, side fills or near fill, using the custom setups capability of the processor.

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