A point source powerhouse


The most versatile point source loudspeakers in the business

Available in mobile, install and TIS versions, the curved, low profile P8, P10, P12, P15 and P18 cabinets can be deployed both vertically or horizontally (as a wedge monitor). Dispersion angles can be changed quickly to match precisely the application, and versatility is further expanded by a comprehensive range of accessories.

Dedicated L15, L18 and L20 sub bass cabinets

Matching the footprint of the P12, P15 and P18, the L15, L18 and L20 are the perfect partner sub-bass cabinets for the P+ Series, extending LF performance down to 40Hz, 32Hz and 28Hz in a range of FOH and stage monitoring applications, and fixed installations.

Touring, Install and TIS versions

P+ Series main cabinets are available in touring, installation or hybrid ‘TIS’ formats. The touring models feature steel grilles and integrated pole mounts on both sides / ends of the cabinet, with Speakon on the sides and rear to ensure tidy wiring in any application. Installation versions feature a fixed cloth-covered grille, universal rigging points on the sides and bottom of the cabinet and 2-core cable for audio input to ensure IP54 protection index. TIS versions feature touring handles and connectivity, with cloth-covered grilles. Install versions can be specified in any RAL colour.

Small Theatres

P+ series cabinets are perfectly at home in 100 to 500 seats theaters and performing arts centres, for speech, classical, jazz and pop music styles, in left and right Front of House applications.

Monitors, In-Fills and Front-Fills

In larger venues, the P+ Series is ideal for use as stage monitors, in-fills and front-fills with the ability to configure directivity from narrow, to wide H/ narrow V and asymmetrical for a short to mid throw even coverage.


When going immersive, P+ Series can be Front of House speakers, for example  L / LC / C / RC / R in a 5.1 system, or surround speakers for much larger Front of House systems such as STM.


Larger P+ Series cabinets play well in small to mid-sized gymnasiums, sports arenas and stadiums, typically with 10 to 15 meters (30 to 45 feet) – rigging height and up to 5000 capacity, capable of an even full range frequency response and up to 105 dBA output.



Perfectly suited to entertainment venues such as night clubs and bars as a distributed system, P+ Series cabinets and subs also make great DJ monitors.


The versatility of the P+ Series is the key to high return on investment for rental companies. Quick and easy to deploy, P+ delivers powerful, full-bandwidth sound in live FOH, corporate events and fashion shows and video mapping events.

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