First we set the standard
Then we raised the bar


Central to the advanced performance of the PS-R2 Series is NEXO’s Asymmetrical Dispersion Constant Directivity horn design. Quick and easy for the user to rotate, it focusses more of the output of the loudspeaker on the audience (or performer when used as a monitor), greatly increasing the versatility of the system without compromising its performance in any given application.


A satisfactory audience experience often necessitates compromise between the wide, short throw coverage required by listeners closest to the stage, and the narrow, long throw coverage required by those at the back of the venue. Similarly, coverage from monitors must be wider when the performer is closer to the speaker, and narrower when further away. The asymmetrical horns in PS-R2 speakers are engineered such that vertical coverage is narrower above horn axis than below. Easy for the user to rotate, it ensures optimum directivity in FOH (Fig 1) or monitor (Fig 2) applications.

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