First we set the standard
Then we raised the bar

More power and bandwidth

More than 200,000 NEXO PS Series speakers are already hard at work around the world in applications where compact, high-output, linear response loudspeakers are required. Now the new PS-R2 Serties delivers as much as 5dB higher sound pressure levels from a range comprising three scalable systems, all of which can be quickly and easily configured for main PA use, for use as floor monitors, or flown vertically or horizontally in installations or for use as side / rear fills.

A better investment.

PS Series loudspeakers have a hard-earned reputation for performance and reliability, with countless examples performing night in, night out, for more than a decade without a single problem. Built in NEXO’s state-of-the-art production facility in France and engineered from the outset for a long, trouble-free life, the new PS-R2 Series is set to enhance that reputation yet further. Pictured here is a first generation PS15, originally purchased in 1995. It gave 11 years of problem free rental service before being resold in 2006 and is still going strong today.

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