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Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource

GEO M6 utilises NEXO’s patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRWTM) to control acoustic energy by creating a virtual wavesource ‘outside the box’, resulting in optimal wavesource coupling without destructive interference.

Diagram 1 is the ideal theoretical response Diagram 2 is the actual measured response (GEO M620)

Waveguide Flanges

System flexibility can be increased by adding flanges to the HF waveguide exit, changing the standard 80 ̊ acoustic coverage across the horizontal plane to 120 ̊.

Directivity Phase Device

A Directivity Phase Device (DPD) on each cone driver extends the upper frequency limit for file source coupling between adjacent speakers. 6.5” drivers coherently couple as if there were twice as many 3.25” cones mounted at half the physical distance.

Port Tube Profiling

Internal faces of the port tube are profiled to ensure smooth air flow, reducing turbulence to increase low frequency efficiency and linearity at high power.

Cutting Edge Mechanical Design

All structural forces acting on a GEO M6 cluster are born by the groundbreaking NEXOSkeletonTM rigging system, rather than the cabinets. Fully TÜV certified, any configuration of cabinets can be safety-checked, using NEXO NS-1 system configuration software.

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