Zepp Hall Network expands with new STM-equipped concert venue in Malaysia
Zepp Hall Network expands with new STM-equipped concert venue in Malaysia

Zepp Hall Network expands with new STM-equipped concert venue in Malaysia

Jun 2023 | News | Concert Halls | P+ Series | STM | Malaysia

A subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc, the Zepp Hall Network has expanded with a new concert venue in Kuala Lumpur, equipped with a NEXO STM line array. Located in the heart of the city, the new hall has a capacity of 2,414 and boasts similarly high-quality facilities as the existing Zepp Hall Network of eight performance spaces in Japan and one in Taiwan. The availability of a world-class, pre-installed sound system is central to the audience experience, while also making set ups and sound checks easy for performers, while saving costs for event organisers.

Designed in collaboration with Bertrand Billon from NEXO’s Engineering Support Team using NS-1 configuration software to ensure maximum throw efficiency and even SPL coverage, the STM system was supplied and installed by Concept Associates (KL) Sdn Bhd, a well-known distributor and audio-visual and lighting system integrator in Malaysia.

The STM system is configured in left and right arrays using 8 x flown cabinets of M46 Main modules supplemented by 8 x B112 Bass Extension modules per side. Pairs of M28 Omni modules are suspended from each cluster to provide down fills for the first few rows. The subwoofer system consists of 9 x ground stacked S118 bass units on each side with two additional subs below the stage centre for maximum coverage.

The system is further supported with 4 x mobile units of NEXO GEO M10 line array modules at the stage front which can be deployed as necessary to provide more fills for added clarity. Flexible stage monitoring is provided by 4 x NEXO P12 point source speakers, with an additional 12 x PS15R2 cabinets also available for use. Pairs of NEXO GEO M12 cabinets are stacked above pairs of LS18 subs for stage side fills.

Amplification and processing come from 18 x NEXO NXAMP4X4 Powered TD Controllers equipped with Dante audio network cards, providing a total of 72 amplifier active channels.

With additional support from NEXO Engineering, the system was set up, aligned, and tuned for high SPL levels and optimised frequency response throughout the hall. “From the moment the system was first turned on, we could sense the huge volume of sound and dynamics available to throw this venue into a frenzied party mood at any time” comments the team from Concept Associates. “And the balcony seats get to enjoy the same sound pressure levels, linear distribution, and full tonal performance as the audience on the floor.”

Commenting on behalf of Zepp Hall Network Inc, Operation Division VP Shinichiro Honda adds: “By ensuring our KL event space meets the highest standards of our hall networks in Japan, we are confident that we can ultimately contribute and help Malaysia’s entertainment and events industry to continue growing to new heights by offering a world-class concert venue and event hall.”