Any stage. Any musician. One monitor.


The revolutionary NEXO 45N12 brings all the benefits of line array technology to stage monitoring. Incorporating a number of groundbreaking technologies, the 45N12 provides musicians, contractors and rental companies with a single, scalable solution to all their monitoring requirements


Alongside the obvious benefit of a ‘one box’ inventory, the 45N12 delivers extraordinary directivity and consistency of coverage up to 2.5 metres back, plus very high level before feedback. And if more SPL and wider coverage is needed, cabinets can be easily locked together to create ‘monitor arrays’.


System Design

Designing and configuring the perfect layout of 45N12’s for any stage is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue.



45N12’s waveguide radiates the high frequency at 45 degrees. Unlike a conventional waveguide in which the exit is rectangular the NEXO monitor’s waveguide forms a smile. This takes into account the curvature at the surface of the sphere created by forming a virtual acoustic source behind the cabinet and beneath the stage. The result is no interference between wavefronts when cabinets are locked together to form monitor arrays.



The beauty of the 45N12 is that there’s just one box, with an ingenious magnetic locking system making it easy to create monitor arrays where higher SPL and wider coverage are required.


Power & Processing

With channel-by-channel preset selection for all NEXO cabinets, it’s easy to provide amplification and processing for a series of 45N12’s using NEXO NXAMP or NUAR racks.


Docs & Downloads

The place to get 45N12 brochures, datasheets, manuals, drawings, exploded views and hi-resolution system images.



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