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With the opening of the Yu Bar in Shunde, near Guangzhou, the entertainment scene in China sees a return of the mega club after many years.  It features the debut installation in China of a NEXO STM Series modular line array system, chosen to position the Yu Bar at the top of the market.

The sheer size of the new venue is breathtaking, with a 15 metre ceiling height that allows its technical specifications to be fully achieved.  “Too often in China, sound proofing is overlooked but not here,” says Michael Chow, marketing manager for Top Plot Int’l Ltd, NEXO’s distributor for China.  “At Yu Bar, the ample height of the structure means that the PA system can be installed at the optimal height and position, without the usual compromises.”

In an installation designed and contracted by NEXO’s Guangzhou dealer Hertz Audio with Hong Zing Audio Equipment, aided by Top Plot International, an STM Series line array system featuring M28 main cabinets has been specified for the house PA, teamed with STM B112 bass modules and STM S118 subs. This high-output sound reinforcement system is matched by huge top-end LED screens, high-powered lasers and a top-spec lighting rig to attract the best local and international DJs and support the specially-invited guest performers who will push the Yu Bar to the forefront of the entertainment scene in China.

The DJ booth is at the centre of the rectangular venue, with clusters of STM M28 – each cluster using 2x M28 with 90° dispersion, plus 1x M28 with 120° dispersion for wider horizontal coverage.  Below the M28s is a single STM B112 bass module to provide the vital punch around 80-120Hz.

The two wings of the DJ booth each have a big LED screen, the outside edges of which each have another cluster of STM M28+B112.  In addition to STM S118 subs, more than 20 additional NEXO LS18e subs reinforce the low frequencies all over the venue.

The Yu Bar is packed full of other NEXO cabinets – 28x PS15-R2, 8x PS10-R2 and even 2x ID24s used as satellite fills to cover all corners and corridors of the club.  The whole system is driver by NEXO NXAMP4x4 and NXAMP4x1 powered TDcontrollers.

Yu Bar opened its doors for business in time for the lunar new year.
The Guangzhou Prolight+Sound exhibition provided a perfect opportunity for a party for all the entertainment technology contractors and suppliers, including NEXO’s International Sales Director Denis Baudier and East Asia Business Development Manager Michel Brouard, accompanied by Top Plot Int’l. Ltd. Director Forky Tsui, and NEXO’s Guangzhou dealer Hertz Audio (GuangZhou) Co.,Ltd. and its local contractors.

“Everybody was impressed by the geat interior settings of the Yu Bar,” reports Michael Chow of Top Plot Int’l.  The décor and the AV systems, and the catering, are second to none.  It’s a truly sensational place for parties and events, which is why it has already become the centre of attraction in this region, even though Shunde district is an hour’s drive from the centre of Guangzhou city.”

In image, from left to right: Mr.Marco Lee, Executive Director, HongXing Audio Eqt.Co.,Ltd., Ms. Liang Fei, CEO. Bloom Power Cultural Co.,Ltd., Mr. Wu YiQiang, Executive Director, Shun De Yu Bar Entertainment Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang JianHua (Venture Partner), Shun De Yu Bar Entertainment Service Co., Ltd., Denis Baudier, Intl. Sales Director, NEXO, Forky Tsui, Director, Top Plot Intl.,Ltd., Michel Brouard, East Asia Business Development Manager, NEXO, Mr. Zhao ZhiHui (Founder & Invester), Shun De Yu Bar Entertainment Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Ye HaiDong, General Manager, Hertz Audio, Mr. Chen Xiand, Executive Director, Nanning Lei Hong Audio Eqt. Co.,Ltd.,

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