Jan 2019 | News | Night Clubs | 45N12 | STM | Turkey

One of Istanbul’s largest nightclubs, the latest in the group of Jolly Joker venues, is making a big impact on the city’s entertainment scene, thanks to a high-specification NEXO STM Series modular line array installed by Alkor and Yamaha Music Europe Turkey.

 The Jolly Joker Vadistanbul has been opened by Hakan Polat, İbrahim Sayın and Ahmet Çelenk, a new addition to a collection of clubs spread all across Turkey.  The 2,000-capacity club has a large stage, and plays host to a busy rota of popular Turkish artists.

Installation company Alkor collaborated closely with Yamaha Music Europe Turkey to present a NEXO proposal to Hakan Polat and the Jolly Joker’s audio engineer Eren Öztürk.  After a live demo, they selected the NEXO STM Series modular line array system, with NEXO’s 45°N-12 line monitors on-stage, from a competitive tender, citing the system’s power, clarity and ease of use as the reasons for their choice.

“The angle of coverage from the compact 45°N-12 monitors played a big part in the decision,” said Eren Öztürk.  “I pointed the microphone towards the monitor, as most singers do, and no feedback squeal came out of the 45°N-12.”

The main flown PA uses, each side, three cabinets of STM M28 omnipurpose module with 90° dispersion and two cabinets of M28 with 120° dispersion.  At the top of the arrays are two STM B112 bass modules, and below, are six a side STM S118 subs, running in cardioid configuration.   Four of NEXO’s super-compact ID24 cabinets are used as front fills.

Stage monitoring uses up to 12 of NEXO’s unique 45°N-12 line monitors, with a dedicated drum monitoring set-up of NEXO PS15-R2 and LS18 sub.

Front-of-house and monitor mixing is done on a Yamaha CL5 digital console, using  two RIO3224Ds and two RIO1608Ds to facilitate the Dante network.

System design for the venue was made with NEXO’s NS-1 proprietary modelling and prediction software suite.  Fine-tuning on site by David Hochstenbach from NEXO’s Engineering Support Division improved HF throw, and reduced low frequency energy on stage.

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