Dutch universities choose NEXO for more impactful learning
Dutch universities choose NEXO for more impactful learning

Dutch universities choose NEXO for more impactful learning

Nov 2023 | News | Theatres | GEO M6 | P+ Series | Netherlands

Located in the Dutch city of Arnhem, Fidato specialises in audiovisual project design, events and multimedia solutions. Since its formation in 1992, Fidato has grown to become one of the leading AV technology companies in the Netherlands, with a team of 50 professionals successfully delivering installations across a range of sectors including corporate, government and education.

Recent projects at two leading Dutch universities saw system integrator Fidato call on long-term strategic partner Audio-Technica Benelux to propose NEXO sound systems for two quite different lecture theatres.

Radboud University in Nijmegen offers more than 50 Bachelor’s programmes and is considered by the Dutch University Guide to be one of the best general, traditional universities in the Netherlands.

“The space at Radboud is more than 15 metres wide but only 10 metres deep, with tiered seating rising over 4 metres” reports Audio-Technica Sales Engineer Bert Koenders. “So, together with Fidato, we proposed a central cluster of a NEXO P12 with a PS horn, with L18 subs either side, and a pair of P12s with 40×90-degree horns flown left and right. The facility to change the HF directivity of the P12 cabinets with horn inserts was essential in achieving uniform coverage in a wide room with a rising audience height.”

After winning a European tender, Fidato, is the AV partner of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Spread across 11 locations in the famous port city, the university offers 100 Bachelor’s degrees, 26 Master’s degrees and 32 Associate degree courses, with a total student community of 40,000.

A recent project at the university required the replacement of an existing sound system to provide more consistent coverage and greater speech intelligibility in a lecture theatre which, although also tiered, was this time much deeper than it is wide.

“NEXO’s compact GEO M6 line array is perfect for this type of application” continues Bert. “Together we proposed a system comprising left and right arrays of 7 x GEO M6 with 120-degree dispersion on the bottom cabinet of each, flown with an L15 sub. Amplification and processing come from a single NEXO NXAMP4X1Mk2 for each side, with three channels for the M6s and one for the sub. The system is finished in white to complement the colour of the trussing and ceiling in the theatre.”

Commenting on behalf of Fidato, project manager Erik te Vaanhold says, “From system design through to final tuning, the support we get on NEXO from the team at Audio Technica helps to ensure we can meet the high-performance standards we set at Fidato. . With this, we know how to provide complex situations with the right audio solutions and thanks to the high-quality standards we can satisfy our customers.”

For further information on Fidato, visit: fidato.nl