The point-source loudspeaker

Optional Magnetic Flanges

The dispersion characteristics of the P12 can be changed in seconds through the addition of optional magnetic flanges. The standard cabinet uses a 60° x 60° horn with additional 90° x 40° and Asymmetrical (PS Type) 60° – 100° x 40° also available.

Advanced cabinet design with quick-release steel grille

Changing the flanges is easy and requires no tools – the quick-release steel grille can be removed in seconds providing full access to the horn. With a fully symetric design, there are no left or right versions of the P12, so inventory requirements are significantly streamlined.

Active / Passive Switching

With a switch on the back of the cabinet, the P12 is easy to reconfigure from Passive to Active mode, where it achieves 140dB Peak.

DJ System 1

Small Club: 2 x P12 with ‘PS Horn’ for FOH, 1 x P12 with standard horn for monitor

DJ System 2

Large Club: 4 x P12 located in each corner of the room, with 2 x P12 as monitors – all standard horns

Guitarist wedge and Drum Fill

Guitarist: P12 wedge with ‘PS horn’ reversed

Drum Fill: P12 wedge with standard horn on L15 sub

Brass Section Stage Monitors

P12 wedges with 90° x 40° horn for narrow horizontal coverage

Side Fills

P12 wedges (standard horn) on L15 subs on each side

Corporate Event System 1

Simple System: 2 x P12 with standard horn

Corporate Event System 2

Long Throw System: 2 x P12 + 2 x P12 delayed – all with ‘PS horn’

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