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Independent audio rental providers Total Sound Solutions in Swansea and Pulse PA in Poole have consolidated an informal alliance around their purchases of NEXO’s new GEO M12 mid-size line array system.

Both TSS and Pulse PA have taken delivery of near-identical NEXO GEO M12 inventories, with MSUB18 subbass, NXAMP Mk2 amplifiers and flyware which allows them to mix and match their new M12 elements with their smaller NEXO GEO M10 systems. Now the two mid-size rental companies are evolving their business models so as to benefit from co-operation and integrated inventories to bid on larger projects.

“We already owned GEO M10,” says Ralph Walsh, MD of Pulse PA, “and have done all our 2019 summer festivals with the system: in fact, in the last two years, it has rarely been in the warehouse and I’d say we’ve made more money out of it than any other NEXO system that we’ve owned.  Being able to add the GEO M12 is a logical step – together, M10 and M12 are just a brilliant business proposition!”

Similarly, Chris Hooke at TSS is a long-time NEXO user.  “Buying the GEO M12 tops and MSUB18 subs completes the family that started with GEO M6.  GEO M12 performs at the level where we have the most business, and with a special bumper, we can make it compatible with the GEO M10 so that we can combine the line array systems.”

“GEO M12 is a winner,” continues Chris Hooke.  “It’s a clinical hi-fi sounding box, the audio quality is very similar to NEXO’s GEO S12, which was the best-sounding line array we’ve ever used up to that point.  M10 and M12 use the same rigging system which is a massive improvement in terms of flyability – no loose pins, it is a one-man job which just clips together.”

Co-operation between TSS and Pulse PA began as a useful convenience, encouraging cross-rental of loudspeakers, desks and other equipment between the two companies.  With the purchase of the GEO M12 line array systems, this has moved to another level.

“Now we can integrate our wholly compatible inventories, and gain the opportunity to quote for bigger jobs,” says Hooke.  Walsh points out that, “together, we will be the biggest users of NEXO in the UK, with a stock of more than 20x GEO MSUBS and 30x GEO M12 top boxes, which enables us to handle very large events.”

Both Walsh and Hooke praise the transport-friendliness of the new GEO M line arrays, which are so well-suited to smaller vehicles.  “The rigging system is genius!” says Walsh.  “It was first introduced on the  GEO M10, and in terms of practicality and low weight, it is the best ever designed by NEXO.

“The GEO M12 is the GEO M10 on steroids!  The same sound but bigger.  You can run it bi-amped, the top box is a 12” which punches well, and the SPL is very high.  As a 2-box solution, it is perfect for mid-size rental houses.  The MSUB18 is one of the nicest-sounding NEXO subs to date.  It’s very amp friendly.  With a 4ohm sub, the amps work very efficiently, delivering maximum power without having to bridge the amp channels.  The system offers pure NEXO quality; the sound is crystal clear, it’s so easy to mix on, and the processing is just so good.”

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