Back to school for Gary Gand and M6

Nov 2016 | News | Theatres | GEO M6 | LS18 | USA

Gand Sound Installations from Illinois has recently installed a NEXO GEO M620 system at the old high school of company owner, Gary Gand. The installation at Deerfield H.S. in Deerfield, IL was an upgrade in the school’s existing 900-seat auditorium system.

The DHS auditorium is a proscenium-style theater used for assemblies and productions of dance, musical theater, and concerts by soloists and large ensembles. The auditorium’s stage house measures 3,200 square feet with a proscenium that is 35 feet wide, 18 feet high, and a stage that is 30 feet deep to the cyclorama. The orchestra pit is located at house level and can house up to thirty musicians.

Gand Sound configured the system to include 6x M620 arrays flown in stereo left and right positions, 2x LS18 subwoofers that sit on the floor, so rigging was not required, and a single NEXO 4×1 NXAmp powers the system. The M620 is a full-range speaker used as stand-alone, curved array, or line array applications. The school had previously purchased a Yamaha M7CL Digital Audio Console.

“The NEXO M6 was chosen for its size, price, and ability to cover the auditorium,” states Gand Sound Installations president, Gary Gand. “There were limited places to hang speakers and the school wanted them to be out of the sightline and not interfere with lighting, etc.”

Gand said he was a student at Deerfield High during the tumultuous 1960s when many battles were fought over such things as long hair, girls wearing pants, the legalized voting age of 18, and the general unrest of the times caused by the war in Vietnam. “I appeared in a stage production as the “old desert rat” when I had hair down past my shoulders!”

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