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NEXO’s STM Series modular line arrays were extensively deployed in a very large system for the ‘Together’ event, staged at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas.  Reach Communications, Inc. (Champlin, MN) was the rental provider for the event, which attracted more than 90,000 visitors in total.

‘Together’ is an event where people come together to worship and pray. “We use NEXO speakers on these types of projects because of their ability to throw long distances and the coverage they provide,” states Dan Brown, Event Services Manager, REACH Communications. “We have become very comfortable with the NEXO NS-1 software and know that when we tune the speakers in the simulation and adjust the coverage, it will turn out exactly how we need.”

With adverse weather that hit the area during setup, the team had to adjust onsite as setup time was reduced. “There was a lot of rain the week of ‘Together’ in Dallas, which is not normal for Texas in October,” says Brown. “We had around 11 inches of rain from Sunday through Friday. But even with the rain delays, we were able to get our speakers up for soundchecks and didn’t need to worry about the water as the NEXO boxes are fairly weather proof and handled the rain well.”

Brown said that with such a large venue, they needed to cover a lot of space without having delay speakers and towers everywhere. “The main seating was around 500 ft. deep and 800 ft. wide, and we covered this with two main and two side hangs as well as two main delay hangs. We also had planned on 4 far delay hangs that were setup 1,000 feet back on the pit road. However, because of weather, this was reduced to 2 far delay hangs. The sound quality even at the far back delay was very good, and the low end from the main stage still enhanced this coverage even at 1,200 ft. (which was the start of the listening area). The rigging for the NEXO STM is very versatile and allows for multiple hanging points and configurations enabling us to optimize weights and hanging locations for each show.”

For ‘Together’ Dallas, the NEXO configuration consisted of 18x M46/B112 and one M28 per side, 24x RS18 Ray Subs, 16x S118 subs for the main PA, and 12x M46/B112 and 2x M28 per side for outhangs. 15x M28 were used for delays, 12x M28 for far delays, and 8x GEO M10 for frontfills. 50x NXAMP 4X4 amplifiers and oneNXAMP4X2Mk 2 (for the M10 frontfills) powered the system, that was all controlled through NeMo, NEXO’s system management software. On stage, REACH used 16x PS15-R2 stage monitors/side fills, 2x  RS18 Ray Sub side fills subs and, and 2x GEOMsub15s for drum subs.

“STM outperformed expectations,” said Val Gilbert, one of the on-site NEXO engineers. “The priority on this event was vocal clarity over the extremely wide and deep listening area. The system went beyond what was expected, with great intelligibility up to almost 200 meters. A second line of delays was implemented to cover the tiered seating of the speedway, however, unusually, this area was completely separate to the main site, some 200 meters further back. So, this area was covered with 2 delay towers of 12 M28s, and still benefited strong low-end extension from the main PA. Intelligibility was fantastic considering the almost invisible delay towers covering the massive seating area.”

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