M6 is best in class for high school auditorium
M6 is best in class for high school auditorium

M6 is best in class for high school auditorium

Nov 2016 | News | Theatres | GEO M6 | LS18 | USA

Installation company ATR Treehouse from Providence, USA, has completed successful projects with GEO M6 compact line arrays in two junior high school auditoria.
Both Pilgrim H.S. and Veterans Middle School in Warwick, Rhode Island, have added NEXO GEO M6 along with Yamaha TF3 Digital Audio Consoles to their 800-seat auditoria, used for school productions, assemblies, lectures, and movies.

David LaPorte, President of ATR Treehouse, explained that, “very often these facilities were built in the late fifties. The auditorium spaces are not just out dated and inefficient, but are often dangerous and in need of retrofits. The electrics and fly systems have been in place since the original construction. The sound systems have been periodically replaced, but usually haphazardly using sub-standard or makeshift fly ware. They also lacked assisted listening devices and do not interface with fire alarm systems, now required by code. This all makes for a bad situation and an accident waiting to happen.”

“These are a few of the reasons why a growing number of school districts are asking us to help update their auditorium spaces. Nowadays, people everywhere are accustomed to a certain level of quality in the audio they hear: the educational environment is no exception. If schools are going to be successful, they have to gain the students’ attention and respect. What space in any school engages students more than its performance venue?”

LaPorte said that Hector Morel, ATR installation manager and Laurence Coch, ATR lead design engineer first saw and heard the NEXO GEO M6 at InfoComm 2016. “They were immediately blown away; M6 sounded fantastic and like a much, much bigger box. The box is lightweight and the fly ware was super simple, and flexible. When we got them into the room and fired them up, we were amazed at how great they sounded right out of the box. Everything about them was just perfect for spaces this size.” “

The rooms are approximately the same size with similar layouts and acoustical characteristics. “The client wanted both venues to be as similar as possible, so technicians trained on the system could easily move between the two.”

Each auditorium’s system includes 6x NEXO GEO M6 and 1x LS18 per side left and right, 2x NEXO PS8s for lip fill in the front of the stage, 1x NXAMP4X1, 1x NXAMP4X4, 1x Yamaha MTX3 DSP audio processor, and a Yamaha TF3 Digital Audio Console with Rio1608 stage box. “In one of the spaces, we were able to tuck the LS18’s up in the ceiling, out of site and away from anyone who may try to mess with them. They still sound awesome!”

For more information on ATR Treehouse, visit www.atrtreehouse.com.

For more information on NEXO and Yamaha products, visit www.yamahaca.com.