Feb 2017 | News | Live Events | GEO M10 | Germany

The launch of NEXO’s new GEO M10 sound reinforcement package has been enthusiastically received by audio rental companies in Europe, with Satis & Fy narrowly winning a good-natured race to become the first rental house customer in Germany to stock the new mid-size line array.

Global Director of Audio Services Martin Ramrath attended the ISE in Amsterdam to put in Satis & Fy’s order for a GEO M10 system, complete with MSub15 subbass cabinets and a comprehensive inventory of rigging accessories. This was a ‘satisfying’ moment for Ramrath, who has been involved with the M10 project since conception.

“This is a true utility product,” says Ramrath, “the M10 can service so many different events and productions, this will be the workhorse system in any rental inventory. We are particularly pleased by the practical rigging features, such as the fact that there are no loose parts. And the flange fixing system, which makes it so easy to change the horizontal dispersion from 80°to 120°, is very practical design engineering.”

Ramrath anticipates that the high-output system, featuring a 10” driver and an unprecedented ratio of LF response to cabinet size, will “mainly be used for our corporate events, especially suitable where there are after-show parties with a band. With its ability to groundstack, it is great for shows where we are under time pressure on the load-in and load-out, for example, when we work at the airport; the M10 allows us to get a lot of PA into a venue at high speed.”

The M10 takes its name from the single 10” neodymium LF driver, paired with a 1.4” HF titanium diaphragm HF driver. With a footprint of 531(W) x 288(H) x 355(D) mm, this 2-way passive module will deliver a frequency response of 59Hz-20kHz with nominal peak SPL of 131dB.

Satis & Fy’s initial order includes the two versions of the M10 cabinet, offering 12.5° and 25° of vertical dispersion. Both have 80°/120° horizontal dispersion which can be configured manually, without tools, by removing the magnetic grille and adjusting NEXO’s innovative flange fixing system.

The GEO M10 is partnered by a dedicated subbass cabinet, the MSub15. Weighing 36kg, the new sub is presented in a robust touring package with steel grille, or in an elegant installation version with cloth grille. It has large composite bumpers on each corner, and side handles. It flies with the M10 in an aesthetically pleasing and low profile array, operable in omni or cardioid mode, thanks to front and back connection plates.