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The Hanna Theatre opened in 1921, hosting stars of stage and screen like Al Jolson, Katherine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Ethel Barrymore, Ginger Rogers, Helen Hayes, Mary Martin and Yul Brynner.   One of a group of theatres managed by PlayhouseSquare, the Hanna underwent renovation in 2008 which gave it a capacity of 550 and confirmed its role as the main base for PlayhouseSquare’s long-time performing company, Great Lakes Theater. Today, the theatre stages Shakespearean plays, big bands, musical theater, and corporate events.

To upgrade its sound system to reflect the latest in line array technology, the Hanna chose installer NAC Technologies from Cleveland, which specified the GEO M6.  Rick Galbraith from NAC Technologies identified the priorities of the install. “Size and cost always weigh in; the client was very concerned about the size of the array and also on a very tight budget.”

Having installed NEXO GEO Systems in three other PlayhouseSquare theatres, Galbraith used NEXO’s NS1 prediction software to arrange the array size, coverage, and SPL. “Available rigging points were our biggest challenge, so, after using the prediction software, we determined that three clusters of 3x M6 speakers would be ideal for the theatre. Considering the size of the clusters, the NEXO M6 system sounds amazing!”

Robert Mingus, Director of Production for PlayhouseSquare, instrumental in the choice of GEO M6, said that the system solved many challenges of The Hanna.   “The system sounds fantastic! Our three-box center cluster weighs only 76 lbs., virtually disappears, and is not in the way of lighting. With special brackets from NEXO, we were able to mount the three box arrays for L + R onto the proscenium for a very clean look. NAC then tuned the room to perfection, avoiding the many problems of getting the sound into the house and off of the thrust stage. Dave Cooper and Rick Galbraith of NAC have done an amazing job upgrading all of our sound systems here at PlayhouseSquare. We are very pleased and take great pride in the sound quality of our theatres, and I believe this is possible because of the great relationship we have with NAC and their craftsmanship.”

The GEO M620 is a full-range unit for stand-alone, curved array or line array application.  Extremely compact in size and lightweight, the GEO M620 uses a NEXO-designed long-excursion high-efficiency 6.5” LF driver and 1 x 1″ throat driver on a BEA/FEA optimized HR Wavesource, to deliver a frequency response of 80 Hz – 19 kHz ±3dB with nominal peak SPL of 127dB.  HF dispersion is 80° (120° horizontal), with 20° vertical coverage, 0° to 20° splay when arrayed. The M620 performs in a variety of configurations, facilitated by a fully integrated 3-point rigging system.

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