Taking line array performance to a whole new level

A compact, powerful and versatile system

GEO M12 takes its place as the flagship of NEXO’s GEO M Series, sharing the same aesthetic and sonic signatures as the acclaimed GEO M10 and compact GEO M6 line arrays.

Utilising a number of patented technologies, the NEXO hallmarks of power, flexibility, coverage and superb sonic performance are immediately apparent in a system that is available in both touring and installation versions, and includes a dedicated sub bass cabinet, the MSUB18.

Aimed primarily at the mid-size rental company, the GEO M12’s competitive price tag will make it a popular investment in a range of applications from corporate presentation to live performance venues and houses of worship.

Easy to rig and fly

Measuring just 370mm x 700mm x 446mm, and weighing in at 34kg, the M12 line array module employs a premium 12″ Neodymium LF driver paired with 1.4″ titanium diaphragm HF driver, and is offered with two vertical dispersions; the 10° GEO M1210 and the 20° GEO M1220. Horizontal directivity can also be changed in seconds from 80° to 120°.

Integral rigging hardware with no loose parts makes it easy to quickly configure ground stacks and line arrays of various scales.

Versatility is further enhanced by a protected switch on the rear of the M12 module allowing the user to change, on the fly, from 2-way passive to 2-way active mode, without having to open the box. And with a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz and a nominal peak SPL of 140dB, the GEO M12 is almost twice as powerful as the NEXO 12-inch line array cabinet that precedes it, the globally-renowned GEO S12.

Dedicated MSUB18 sub bass cabinet

Employing a single 18″ diameter voice coil Neodymium driver in a high-efficiency band pass cabinet design with a quadratic shaped profiled port, the dedicated MSUB18 is the same width as the GEO M12 and can be deployed in arrays and groundstacks in Omni or Cardioid mode.

GEO M12 for large theatres and live venues

The MSUB18 + GEOM12 combination is a high-power yet low visual impact solution perfect for large theatres and live venues. The high efficiency of the MSUB18 enables subs to be flown together with the main cabinets, delivering perfect sub coverage with less or no room taken on stage. The example shown here weighs less than 400 kg making it suitable for any 500 kg single rigging point. The bottom boxes of the line would typically be the higher vertical dispersion model (20°, GEOM1220) equipped with the horizontal flanges option to offer 120° horizontal coverage. This entire line uses only 3 channels of NXAMP4x4 – the remaining channel can be used for ground subs, side fills or near fill, using the custom setups capability of the processor.

GEO M12 for live events

A rigging point is not always available, but using the same hardware as the previous configuration, a very loud stack composed of 2 x MSUB18 + 3 GEO M12 can be built in a few minutes. A single NXAMP4x4 can feed a stereo system like the one depicted above. The first GEO M12 stacked on the subs can have a negative angle to shoot at the first row of the audience even if the system is staked on a stage. And NS-1 Software can be used to predict the coverage and best angle between boxes, even for stack applications

GEO M12 for public address

In stadium or other large scale systems where public address needs both power and clarity, a small line of 3 x GEO M12 and its smaller bumper, a solution of less than 120 kg, can be used even if the rigging position is a long way from the audience – typically on the edge of a stadium roof. The composite enclosure and the IP54 certification of the GEO M12 installation version will assure many years of problem-free service, while the Yamaha Provisionaire remote control solution will ensure an efficient monitoring of the whole PA system.

GEO M12 for concerts and festivals

When assembled in its largest configuration, the GEO M12 and MSUB18 solution can support large scale concerts and festivals with just a 700 mm visual footprint . The Cardioid assembly of the MSUB18 line reduces massively the sub coverage on stage, while the line assembly offers large area coverage on the audience. The Autorig system speeds-up the system deployment, and a single NUAR (composed of 2 x NXAMP4X4) is enough to drive a whole system such as the one depicted above. The Dante™ connectivity is another advantage of this powering solution, offering direct connection to any modern digital mixing desk without the assle of external conversion box.

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