Impeccable sound meets fine dining at GU Bistronomy in Hanoi

Apr 2023 | | Bars & Restaurants | ePS Series | ID Series | Vietnam

Born of a passion for fine wine and the culinary arts, GU Bistronomy provides an impeccable fine dining…

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Soaring sound for a floating theatre on the Rhône

Apr 2023 | News | Theatres | ID Series | P+ Series | France

Thought to be the first floating theatre anywhere in Europe, the extraordinary L'Île Ô theatre is permanently moored…

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Jay Productions Drive Successful Kia Activation With NEXO’s ID24 At The Australian Open

Mar 2023 | | Corporate | ID Series | Australia

Established in 2008, Jay Productions partners closely with its clients to develop memorable and engaging events. Offering a…

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NEXO ticks all the boxes at new Melbourne performing arts centre

Feb 2023 | | Theatres | GEO M12 | ID Series | Australia

Melbourne Catholic secondary college St Peter’s recently opened a state-of-the-art new performing arts centre, designed by international theatre…

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Transformation of sound quality at Greenville church seems miraculous with NEXO ID Series

Feb 2023 | | Houses of Worship | ID Series | USA

Alpha Sound’s reputation for designing and installing NEXO systems that bring clear, intelligible sound to traditional and historic…

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NEXO brings sophisticated sound to Zenn, where guests can dine, drink and dance

Jan 2023 | | Bars & Restaurants | ID Series | P+ Series | United Kingdom

Liverpool is a city famous for its nightlife and competition is fierce in the leisure and hospitality industries.…

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NEXO ID24 delivers an immersive sonic experience at Seoul’s Walkerhill Theatre

Jan 2023 | | Art Gallery | ID Series | P+ Series | South Korea

Originally opened in 1963 as the country’s first performance venue equipped with modern facilities, Walkerhill Theatre has played…

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NEXO system proves versatile at Tunisia’s International Festival of Hammamet

Jan 2023 | | Live Events | GEO M6 | ID Series | PS Series | Tunisia

A vibrant artistic and cultural centre, Hammamet in Tunisia is a place that connects Europe to Africa, and…

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ID84 aligns sound quality of the choir and spoken word at Mount Angel Abbey

Dec 2022 | | Houses of Worship | ID Series | USA

Located in Salem, Oregon, Alpha Sound is rapidly establishing a reputation for excellence across the US for its…

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NEXO GEO S12, LS18 and ID24 team up at new LKH Arena, Lüneburg

Dec 2022 | | Sports Arenas | GEO S12 | ID Series | Germany

Officially opened in Summer 2022, the LKH Arena in Lüneburg, Germany is a municipally owned 3500-seat indoor venue…

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NEXO is the sound of the 10th Annual Boisdale Music Awards, 2022

Oct 2022 | | Bars & Restaurants | Live Events | Night Clubs | ePS Series | GEO M6 | ID Series | United Kingdom

Boisdale live music restaurants are recognised as amongst the finest in London, with the recent Boisdale Music Awards…

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NEXO sends sounds ‘flying through the air’ at new Naha Cultural Arts Theatre

Sep 2022 | News | Theatres | GEO M10 | GEO M6 | ID Series | Japan

The Naha Cultural Arts Theatre is a new cultural centre in the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, the tropical…

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