Configure the perfect system
for every event

The building blocks for every system you’ll ever need

For too long now, the business of a sound rental company has been dictated by system manufacturers. You need one type of system to be in the touring market, another for corporate jobs, and so on. It all adds up to a lot of boxes that often spend more time in the warehouse than they do on the road.

STM changes all that. The concept of Scale Through Modularity delivers a new level of versatility, enabling contractors to design a wide range of systems from just four compact, powerful and proportionally-sized modules. And in applications large and small, these systems can significantly outperform existing solutions.

Of course increased versatility brings a welcome improvement in return on investment. But with STM, that’s just the start. From system storage and configuration, through transportation and rigging, to wiring and amplification, STM delivers important operational and logistical cost savings at every stage of the process.

From a simple groundstack to a compact, powerful array

From a simple groundstack to a compact, powerful line array, STM makes it quick and easy to ‘clip together’ one, two or even three-wide systems to match any scale of job.

Configuration possibilities include M28 Omni or M46 Main cabinets only, Omni/Main + Bass, Omni/Main + Sub, Omni/Main + Bass + Sub, any of which can be supplemented by the M28 Omni module operating as a downfill. The wide operating frequency range of the M28 Omni cabinets means that many speech or light music events can be run effectively with M28 alone, thereby removing the need for any extra cabinets. If programme material calls for low frequency extension, the 25-120Hz range of the S118 sub and the 55-200Hz range of the B112 bass offer the user complete freedom when configuring the system to achieve the desired frequency response or power.

The perfect system for every event

STM is all about flexibility, so there’s no such thing as a ‘typical system’. STM’s modular approach means there’s no longer a requirement to own separate small, medium and large systems as applications of any size and scale can now be handled from a common inventory of STM modules.

Sharing the same footprint as the other STM modules, and precisely twice the height of the Main and Bass cabinets, the STM S118 Sub-Bass module also shares the same rigging system, allowing it to be groundstacked or flown above, below or between other STM modules. Using a single 18″ driver in an innovative cabinet design, the S118 delivers performance levels comparable to NEXO’s acclaimed CD18 2 x 18″ sub, empowering the STM system with a compact, potent and highly musical sub-bass solution.

Rigging made simple. A system one man can fly.

Innovative PistonRig™, REDLock™ and CompassRig™ rigging allows the technical aspects of system rigging to be safely carried out by one person. Using a compression-mode rigging method, the system remains completely flat during rigging, and requires no lifting or pushing. Array angles are realized after lifting.

PistonRig™ allows pre-setting of inter-cabinet angle values on M46 Main and the REDLock™ handle locks front rigging points from rear of cabinet. All adjustments made from one position at rear of cluster.

Fully compatible with the other STM modules, CompassRig™ and REDLock™ rigging enables the M28 Omni module to fly in tension mode 10˚-12.5˚-15˚ and in compression mode 0.2˚ to 15˚.

STM is designed to roll as well as it rocks

In developing STM, NEXO considered not only the versatility and performance of the system in use, but also its efficiency of operation at every stage of the live sound rental process.

Modular dollies, road-ready casing and universal amp racks deliver significant savings in operational costs, further enhancing return on investment.

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