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For too long now, the business of a sound rental company has been dictated by system manufacturers. You need one type of system to be in the touring market, another for corporate jobs, and so on. It all adds up to a lot of boxes that often spend more time in the warehouse than they do on the road. STM changes all that with a system that works the way you work.


The concept of Scale Through Modularity delivers a new level of versatility, enabling contractors to design a wide range of systems from just 4 core modules. And in applications large and small, these systems can significantly outperform existing solutions. Of course increased versatility brings a welcome improvement in return on investment. But with STM, that’s just the start. From system storage and configuration, through transportation and rigging, to wiring and amplification, STM delivers important operational and logistical cost savings at every stage of the process.


System Design

Designing and configuring the perfect STM system is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue.




STM represents an important achievement in line array technology and incorporates a number of patented  developments including a 3D Hyperbolic Reflector for HF summing without interference, an acoustic nozzle to ensure smooth airflow in the S118 sub venting, a new vent design for improved efficiency in the M28 and M46 modules, and CCD patented technology for variable horizontal dispersion in the M28 omni module, along with key developments in the rigging system.




The STM system comprises 4 proportionallly-sized modules from which systems of any size and scale can be configured: M28 Omi-Purpose, M46 Main, B112 Bass and S118 Sub. Configuration possibilities include M28 Omni or M46 Main cabinets only, Omni/Main + Bass, Omni/Main + Sub, Omni/Main + Bass + Sub, any of which can be supplemented by the M28 Omni module operating as a downfill


Power & Processing

STM’s modularity concept extends to amplification in the form of the NUAR – NEXO Universal Amp Rack – which feeds 12 STM modules in any combination in groups of 3. Comprising NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, 2 digital input patches, 2 digital output patches and an optional network card, the NUAR forms a compact, powerful and scalable amplification solution for STM systems of any size.



Central to STM’s ‘Scale Through Modularity’ concept is a comprehensive range of accessories that make it quick and easy to configure and deploy systems of an appropriate size and scale for any type of event. Full details and datasheets are available here.


Docs & Downloads

The place to get STM brochures, datasheets, manuals, drawings, exploded views and hi-resolution system images.



From a festival in Hong Kong to a church in Washington State, check out STM worldwide news or filter for your region and application.



Search by Continent / Country to locate and contact STM rental companies worldwide. The perfect resource for hiring or sub-hiring an STM system, it also displays the STM inventory available at each rental company.


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