Fill the room with sound
not speakers

Compact Design

GEO M620 and M6B cabinets measure just 191mm high x 373mm wide x 260mm deep.

Integral Rigging

The 3-point rigging system is hidden inside the cabinet, reducing visual impact.

Elegant Hardware

A comprehensive range of hardware is available for fixed and mobile applications.

Custom Ral Colours

Lightweight polyurethane composite cabinets, fabric grilles and accessories can be specified in any RAL colour.

Line Arrays

GEO M620 main and M6B bass extension cabinets can be flown in the same array to create a compact, powerful and discreet system, ideal for installation in small theatres and conference halls.

Pole Mounted Systems

Pole-mounting a pair of GEO M620 Main cabinets on a NEXO LS18 or LS600 subbass cabinet quickly creates a high-output, full range system.

Mobile Systems

The combination of high power and low visual impact makes GEO M6 the perfect choice for use in live events. A comprehensive range of mobile rigging accessories makes it easy for contractors and rental companies to achieve exceptional sonic performance without impinging upon the production design.

Fixed Installations

NEXO has built a global reputation for the quality and performance of its concert line array systems. Now GEO M6 brings NEXO technology to installed sound applications, delivering the key benefits of uncompromised full range sound and consistent SPL coverage.

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