NEXO brings clear commentary and cool beats to the ice at Kempten
NEXO brings clear commentary and cool beats to the ice at Kempten

NEXO brings clear commentary and cool beats to the ice at Kempten

Dec 2022 | News | Sports Arenas | P+ Series | Germany

Ice hockey is a famously noisy sport. So, the brief for a new sound system at the Kempten Ice Stadium, home of Germany’s SHARKS ice hockey team, placed clear intelligibility of match commentary at the top of the agenda.

“We immediately thought of a NEXO line array for this installation, but there is a number of banners hanging from the stadium roof which would interfere with coverage” comments Henning Sohn of tronikDsign, the Kempten-based electrical engineering and AV technology specialists approached by the stadium operators to design the new system. “With a point-source solution required, NEXO obviously remained as the brand of choice.”

Working in consultation with NEXO Engineering Support using NS-1 software to predict coverage, Henning configured a system comprising four central clusters of NEXO P12 and L15 subs, each firing at 90 degrees to each other up and down and across the ice surface. A total of six additional P12s are deployed to cover the stands.

“Being able to change the HF dispersion of the P12s was important to achieve uniform coverage in the stadium” continues Henning. “And it was also important that the NEXO system is so easy to install, as we only had a short period of time before the ice surface was due to be re-laid.”

The cost-efficiency of NEXO’s NXAMPmk2 powered controllers was also a factor in the decision to install a NEXO system. “We were able assign 2 channels for each cabinet, so we could pre-set the delays necessary to switch the system instantly from match commentary mode to a music system for the ice discos, where the NEXO system has plenty of power and punch to provide a rousing soundtrack for the skaters.”

Despite the high SPL capability of the new system, the uniformity of coverage and clear articulation of speech in fact means that the commentary can be heard at lower volume levels. “We are excited! Since we have this sound in the ice stadium, the number of guests at our disco run has doubled and at the ice hockey games the spectators can finally understand the announcer’s language with crystal clarity” reports Stadium Manager Mario Kostack. “The new NEXO system certainly enhances the crowd experience at the Kempten Ice Stadium and we’re very happy with the job done by Henning and the team at tronikDsign.”

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