Mar 2023 | News | Live Events | GEO M12 | Australia

True to its name, Captivate AV continue to impress audiences at acclaimed events across the Gold Coast. Now in its seventh year of operation, the production company maintains an emphasis on staying ahead of the technological curve- recognising the addition of NEXO’s GEO M12 line array system to their expanding acoustic toolbelt as a key step forward. 

Backed by an extended history of industry experience, Captivate AV’s founders Chris Lang and Russell Baker are making a name for themselves through meticulous execution and genuine enthusiasm for tailoring client experiences. Consistently aiming for maximum impact, Captivate AV have armed themselves with a curated collection of AV technology, with the GEO M12 now stealing the limelight from the lauded GEO S12: 

“Inspired by our experience with using NEXO’s GEO S12 in the past- which we had also really enjoyed using- we were very excited for the next generation of NEXO equipment when they announced the GEO M12. What drew us to it was the overall improvement to all the rigging capabilities and a great upgrade to the internals. We have used the M10 previously in other installs and felt the larger M12 would be a versatile asset for use on a wider range of gigs. We also love that M12 is lighter than using STM, which helps us fly the array in more situations when we have weight restrictions.” 

Designed to satisfy a spectrum of touring and installation applications, GEO M12 packs NEXO’s cutting-edge sound reinforcement technology into compact and lightweight cabinets that can be flown or stacked with ease. The flagship of the GEO M series, the M12 range encompasses a selection of high SPL line array elements and a comprehensive range of versatile deployment accessories. Emerging as one of NEXO’s preeminent line array solutions, GEO M12 systems offer pristine full-range audio with consistently even venue coverage from cabinets that are more compact than competitors in their class. 

Utilising the GEO M12 technology for a diverse range of live events, Chris describes his configuration for two notable shows, Wolfmother and Maryborough Carols. “We’ve had a number of gigs already using the line array. Maryborough Carols was a large community event of somewhere between 3000 to 4000 people,” reveals Chris. “For each side we decided to go with 5x M1210s, an M1220 at the bottom and paired the flown array elements with STM S118 subs on the ground. The array was flown off the stage rigging and was really light and easy to pulley. Having the 12-inch driver meant we didn’t need to carry any extra mid frequency boxes and we ran it all in Active mode for a better throw.” 

Opting for a ground-stacked arrangement for the Wolfmother concert, Chris explains the setup: 

“We used the M12 boxes stacked on top of 3x stacked MSUB18s- 2x M1210’s and an M1220 on each. As we had to adhere to noise level constraints at the venue, we elected to use cardioid directionality for the subs, firing 2 forward and using one reversed. The Cardioid dispersion helped us direct the bass frequencies forward, keeping the neighbours happy. We also took advantage of NEXO’s flexible dispersion capability, adding CDD flanges where needed to increasing coverage. Rather than our usual 90-degree horizontal spread, we used the 120-degree flared attachment on boxes for both Wolfmother and the carols event. The extra width on the bottom of the array gave us great coverage closer to the stage, and we love that it’s just a simple magnetic fixing that needs to be changed in order to achieve this.” 

With a series of carefully crafted technology that combines superb sonic performance with adaptable, rapid rigging options, NEXO have cemented the GEO M12 as an optimal choice for a wide range of scenarios where audio quality, setup speed and weight are critical components. Keen to see the system continue to excel, Chris sums up his experience so far: “It’s a great all-round solution that is super easy to mix on- we’re very impressed!”