NEXO ID24 delivers an immersive sonic experience at Seoul’s Walkerhill Theatre
NEXO ID24 delivers an immersive sonic experience at Seoul’s Walkerhill Theatre

NEXO ID24 delivers an immersive sonic experience at Seoul’s Walkerhill Theatre

Jan 2023 | Nachrichten | Art Gallery | ID Series | P+ Series | South Korea

Originally opened in 1963 as the country’s first performance venue equipped with modern facilities, Walkerhill Theatre has played an important role in Korea’s performing arts scene. Part of the Grand Walkerhill Hotel and Resort, this iconic venue is reborn again as a new cultural and artistic space featuring the latest high-definition projectors and sound technology to create Seoul’s largest immersive exhibition hall, the Theatre of Light.

Visitors to this vast 3100 square metre venue with its 21-metre ceiling height experience exhibitions and music in a whole new way, completely immersed in the work with a powerful, full bandwidth, three-dimensional soundscape delivered by NEXO ID and P+ Series in a system designed and installed by Sound Korea.

Measuring just 309mm wide x 132mm high, NEXO’s ID24 uses twin 4-inch drivers in a V formation with an HF compression driver. The facility to rotate the horn from the back panel to adjust the coverage further bolsters the credentials of this powerful, ultra-compact loudspeaker for immersive audio installations, and a total of 30 x ID24s form the main part of the system at the Walkerhill Theatre, supplemented by 5 x IDS110 subs, 4 x ID84 column speakers and 4 x NEXO P15 point-source cabinets. Amplification and processing come from a network of 17 Dante-equipped NEXO NXAMPMk2 4-channel powered controllers.

The availability of a comprehensive range of mounting accessories made work at the Walkerhill Theatre easy for the installers.

The Theatre of Light of opened last year with ‘Gustav Klimt, Gold in Motion’, reinterpreting the works of the Austrian symbolist painter. Klimt’s masterpieces are projected onto walls, columns, and even floors with dynamic projection mapping techniques enhanced by localised soundscapes to further emphasise the magnificent beauty of the work.

The exhibition is due to run through to March 2023.

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