Sep 2019 | Nachrichten | Corporate | Power & Processing | France

With the announcement of the new NXAMP4x4mk2 controller/amplifier, NEXO completes its new mk2 Series of power and processing solutions. These ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers combine 32-bit/96KHz converters and 64-bit signal processing which deliver significant advances in sound quality over the highly-regarded mk1 NXAMPs, which have been a core component of NEXO sound systems since 2007.

The NXAMP4x4mk2 is the most powerful amplifier in the range, offering 3,300 watts per channel in 4 Ohms and 4,500 watts per channel in 2 Ohms.  Weighing 24.9kg in a sleek 3U package, the 4x4mk2 is smaller and more than 12% more powerful than its predecessor.

The NXAMP4x4mk2 benefits from a new aesthetic, with a smart silver and black livery on the simplified front panel, which features just one knob and a large LCD colour touchscreen.  The tactile graphic display enables faster and easier navigation, giving direct access to all essential parameters.  All functionality can be set from the front panel, which is user-friendly, even for new users.

On the back, four high-end analogue inputs use cascaded converters for low output noise, and four digital inputs are available through the
rear panel expansion card slot offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound™, Dante™ or AES67 inputs, all with automatic analogue fall-back. A native dual Ethernet port offers seamless integration with NEXO’s proprietary NeMo system management software.  Amplifiers can be remote-controlled and daisy-chained via a Remote Control card fitted as standard.   Network management is via an Option slot, for which Dante, EtherSound and AES/EBU network cards are available, providing long-term flexibility for customers if protocol preferences change.  In addition to the expansion card slot, other rear panel connectivity includes RS232 serial and GPIO ports along with Speakon outputs for each of the four channels.

Like the other Mk2 models, the 4x4mk2 uses 4 four ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers which combine high-specification converters and 64-bit processing.  This amplifier also includes a new modulator chip, developed and patented by Yamaha especially for NEXO’s mk2 Series, which delivers a noticeable improvement in sound quality over the mk1.  Sonic performance is very clean and much more dynamic, high frequencies are detailed and clear.

With a mains voltage range of 100-240 volts, the amplifiers can be used anywhere in the world, running on all types of power generators, making them ideal for use in touring.  Despite the difficulty in implementation of PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology on large power amps, Yamaha engineers have developed a new circuit especially for the 4x4mk2, to ensure maximum efficiency and smoother draw, making this the greenest of NEXO’s amplifiers to date.

The NXAMP4x4mk2 can fit happily into a mixed rack with Mk1 versions and NEXO’s range of DTD amplifiers, as all latencies are exactly the same.  It carries a 5-year warranty.  NEXO will continue to support the NXAMP4x4mk1 as a legacy product.

Joseph Carcopino, NEXO’s Director of R&D, says, “the NXAMP Series was introduced in 2007, the first collaboration between NEXO and our parent company Yamaha.  Although Yamaha has been making amplifiers for 50 years, developing high-power professional models was a new experience for them.  Now, after 12 years in this sector, our team has considerably more expertise, which can be seen in NXAMPmk2’s power output, design, user interface and algorithms.

“This is our most environmentally friendly amplifier, using specially engineered Yamaha technology to smooth out consumption spikes, optimize mains management and maximise efficiency.  It is smaller and lighter than the mk1 version.  Our design brief for the mk2 Series was to deliver a better interface and an improved sonic signature, most important for this our new reference amplifier.”