Mai 2014 | Nachrichten | STM | India

Bangalore is home to many of India’s pro audio companies, and DS Pro joined the scene in 2004. Over the past decade, this dynamic young company has worked on a variety of concerts as well as corporate, religious and educational events. The STM system joins other NEXO elements in the company’s inventory, which already included GEO S, RS18 and PS10 cabinets.

“We like to think our advanced technical solutions stand ahead of the competition and gratify an extensive range of clients,” says DSP Pro director, Dhinakar. “The prime reason for choosing a new high-spec PA was to be the best in the country, and also to capture the international market.  We were looking to upgrade to an international standard system, and discovered that the NEXO STM was doing well around the world. Now, we are all set for more international events. I’m sure we will make a big impact with our new STM, and having this state-of-the-art equipment means we will be able to provide the best sound for our clients.”

Dhinakar also appreciates the way STM combines the functionality which he has come to associate with NEXO with new technical innovations. “The system is designed so it produces super-powerful, super-flexible sound while also being very easy to set up and operate,” he continues. “The Scale Through Modularity concept means it can perform well on small or large applications. It is quick and easy to rig and we will be able to use it on every single project we take on.”

Nicolas Kirsch, NEXO Asia Sales Manager, has been actively supporting the Indian market for the past eight years, and is working closely with the network of key NEXO users that have been established in that time.  “We congratulate DS Pro on their purchase of an STM rig and for joining our STM group of elite users. DS have been committed and growing users of NEXO systems since we met them first back in 2011 and are increasing their NEXO inventory regularly. This is a big leap forward for them and I know they are now pulling many things together to upgrade to this flagship system.

“NEXO has a new Concert Sound Division, which will provide the technical and tactical support for users like DS Pro, making a big difference for our touring business development and steady gains of rider acceptance. Since the early concept days NEXO’s STM touring solution, we have  been working alongside our several large Indian rental users, flagship users, as well as other hand-picked new partners, to get them involved in the STM plans and strategies. Several of those partners have already heard STM and approved of it, and plans are currently being made; it won’t be long before we can see a whole community of STM users coming to the fore and taking leadership of the Indian touring market. We have more good news coming soon and I am confident India will become another success story for STM in Asia, as per other markets like Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. ”

The STM Series is NEXO’s new proposition for the modern touring and rental company, the first scalable modular line array on the market.  Its concept combines the best of NEXO Alpha functionality with the technical innovation of NEXO GEO waveguide designs, delivering  flexibility and modularity with exceptional sound quality, throw and ease of rigging.  An STM system can be configured at will from four discrete loudspeaker elements; M46 main, B112 bass, S118 subbass and M28 ‘omni’ fill modules.  System configurations can comprise arrays of main cabinets only, or main+bass, or main+bass+downfill.  The ability to add extra bass cabinets to the system in order to increase power and headroom without introducing unwanted phase anomalies makes STM unique, the first system to offer scalable LF.  Deploying the dedicated subbass cabinets, either in the arrays or as ground-stacks, further increases the options.