NEXO NeMo is the remote control app for mobile terminals of a set of NEXO NXAMP powered TD-controllers. It allows you to control from an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and through a Wi-Fi network one or many NXAMPs. Managing and positioning amplifiers, monitoring their parameters (levels, etc.), and setting new values (volume, delay, setup, etc.) is made possible thanks to an attractive and intuitive user interface.


Download here:

Key Features

  • Visualizing and positioning the connected NXAMPs within a 2D space
  • Quickly muting, soloing and monitoring the status, including peak and protect, for the entire network
  • Adding background pictures from your library
  • Grouping amplifiers for multi-device control, and visualizing groups on the 2D space
  • Muting and soloing, and monitoring the status of groups of NXAMPs
  • Quickly muting and soloing individual channels of a group of NXAMPs
  • Monitoring and controlling simultaneously parameters of several amplifiers, among which mute-solo, input and output levels, and volume, delay, gain, array-EQ and headroom of each output channel
  • Patching input channels to output channels
  • Viewing and editing EQ
  • Selecting setups from the standard library, and building custom setups
  • Saving and recalling scenes
  • Undoing and redoing every control step
  • Copying and pasting parameters and scenes from one to many NXAMPs
  • Saving and sharing user configurations, thanks to Sessions (.nemo documents)
  • A configurable way of managing alerts of different levels
  • Visualizing and exporting a log of all the values of the NXAMPs (including temperature, voltage, current…) that you can record when NeMo is connected
  • A fully configurable Live mode
  • A Demo mode to test the app
  • A use in portrait on iPhone and iPad, and in portrait or landscape mode on iPad
  • Compatible with iOS 9
  • NeMo can be used with the latest version of AVS-Monitor, available at