NEXO immersive sound system is first in a South Korean church
NEXO immersive sound system is first in a South Korean church

NEXO immersive sound system is first in a South Korean church

Apr 2024 | Nachrichten | Houses of Worship | GEO M10 | South Korea

With 4000 seats, Noksan Church in Gangbuk, Seoul is one of the largest worship spaces in Korea. It’s also the first to install an immersive sound system, placing the congregation at the centre of the celebration made through words, music and praise.

With cooperation from NEXO distributor A-Works and using Yamaha AFC for ambience control and object-based mixing, the system was designed and installed by CTO Kim Do-seok and the team at immersive media technology specialists Sound Korea ENG.

Five arrays of 9 x NEXO GEO M10 are hung above and across the stage at the front of the chapel, with two lines of 6 x NEXO MSUB 18 hung centrally. Amplification and processing are provided by Dante-networked NEXO NXAMP4X2Mk2 Powered TD Controllers.

“The installation at Noksan Church is the latest immersive sound project by Sound Korea ENG” comments A-Works Managing Director James Lee. “The team used NEXO point-source speakers for immersive art experiences at the Walkerhill Theatre here in Seoul, and this time chose GEO M10 line arrays for their power, projection and compact size. This is a first in Korea and many church architecture officials and pastors are taking notice and visiting Noksan to hear the system in action.”


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