NEXO Audioversity in-person training is back with seminars in South Africa
NEXO Audioversity in-person training is back with seminars in South Africa

NEXO Audioversity in-person training is back with seminars in South Africa

Jul 2022 | Nachrichten | ETC Trainings | In-house Presentation | GEO M12 | GEO M6 | ID Series | P+ Series | South Africa

During the period of lockdown restrictions and travel bans, NEXO’s online Audioversity training seminars flourished as audio professionals sought to spend their time upskilling and earning Avixa Renewal Units, while new recruits to the industry were also able to learn about system design using NEXO’s NS-1 acoustic simulation program, and general acoustic and sound system principles from the experienced team at NEXO Engineering Support.

And while NEXO plans to continue and expand its online Audioversity program, we’re also delighted to report that in-person Audioversity training is now back. Indeed, the location for first on-site sessions since the pandemic is coincidentally the same as for the last seminar before Covid struck: South Africa.

Organised by local NEXO preferred Rental Partner Sound Stylists, seminars in early July brought together experienced pros and young sound technicians in The State Theatre of Pretoria. “We taught our Audioversity 1 course covering sound reinforcement fundamentals, where all the typical sound system workflow is explained: Acoustics fundamentals, system design, amplification and processing, remote control and network” explains Nicolas Poitrenaud from NEXO Engineering Support, who was on hand to deliver the training. “Sound Stylists had deployed a comprehensive range of systems including P8, P10, P12, ID 24, GEO M6, GEO M12, MSUB 18, MSUB 12 and NXAMP MKII, so students were able to get hands-on with all the latest technology from NEXO.”

The largest theatre complex in Africa with seating for 2,700, the State Theatre is already very much a ‘NEXO-house’, having been equipped for many years with NEXO systems including GEO S8, CD12 and PS 15.

“It’s great to be back in person” concludes Nicolas. “Combining on-site and online training provides students with the best balance of accessibility and hands-on experience. Thanks to everyone in South Africa for their warm welcome and support.”

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