Working with you to create and deliver perfect installed sound solutions

NEXO’s Engineering Support Team spans the globe, working in partnership with architects, designers and acousticians to design sound systems for installations of every scale, from a bar to an airport or a sports stadium.

Central the process is NEXO’s ground-breaking NS-1 system configuration and simulation software, used to configure any line source or point source loudspeakers from NEXO’s range, applied to your own venue. Models can be imported in a variety of 3D file formats, including Ease, SketchUp 3D via Collada, Google Earth and STL files.

NS-1 assists us not only in achieving the best and most even SPL coverage, but also certifies that mechanical constraints are satisfied.

Using NS-1, we can create and present robust sound design proposals, including the speaker list, and also gain and delay to apply in the amplification and control chain.

The team can then provide installation support, system training and technical support in the field, alongside continued access to NEXO’s Technical Hotline, with all activities focussed on helping clients get the maximum return on their investment in NEXO systems.

Contact the Engineering Support Team today for a full package of assistance with your project.

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