CUPRA recognises brand synergy in NEXO ID24 performance and design
CUPRA recognises brand synergy in NEXO ID24 performance and design

CUPRA recognises brand synergy in NEXO ID24 performance and design

Oct 2023 | News | Corporate | ID Series | Germany

It’s perhaps no surprise that the latest CUPRA City Garage in Germany has opened on Oranienburger Straße, Berlin, where the new ‘Am Tacheles’ district is being built, as the exciting and fast-developing Spanish car brand seeks to align itself with new definitions of modern and sustainable urban living.

An open space that extends over two levels with a total area of 500 square metres, the CUPRA City Garage is so more than a showroom for the latest CUPRA models. As much an arts and events space with bar and gastronomy offerings, visitors get to experience the creative spirit that lies at the heart of a new car brand determined to challenge prevailing orthodoxies in the automotive industry.

It’s also no surprise that good design is highly valued by CUPRA, just one of the reasons why the brand opted for a NEXO ID24 sound system installed by AV and event technology specialists Raum+Schall at its first German location in Munich.

“The client was really excited by the design synergy between the CUPRA grille and the V-shaped grille on the touring model of the ID24” reports Raum+Schall Planning and Implementation Manager Markus Lienhart. “But as good as the speakers look, it was also important that they didn’t overwhelm the space visually and, of course, the system had to sound great.”

With these criteria successfully met in Munich, it was obvious that the ID Series would be the system of choice for Markus in Berlin.

Each floor has 6 x ID24s mounted high on the conduit carrying the electrical wiring, a feature of the venue’s industrial interior design. A single IDS110 for each floor is mounted directly onto the concrete ceiling, with the LF diffused by foliage growing in a series of planters supported on copper-coloured scaffolding poles.

Processing and amplification come from a single NEXO DTD-I and DTDAMP4X0.7 on each floor, with touch screen control panels configured for easy operation and selection of multiple sources from radio mics and DJ mixers through to AirPlay playlists.

NEXO’s Reinhard Steger was on site to assist with final commissioning of the system but, as Markus puts it, “When you get goosebumps, you don’t need to EQ anything.

“The ID24 is a truly amazing speaker, combining incredible performance with cutting-edge design. The opening event for CUPRA City Garage included speeches, DJs and even live music, which the ID Series system handled with ease. We’re looking forward to installing more NEXO ID Series systems in CUPRA City Garages in the future.”


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