Serenityaudio and NEXO GEO M10 deliver ‘big festival’ production values at events of every size

Feb 2022 | News | Live Events | GEO M10 | United Kingdom

In a career spanning more than 40 years, professional audio veteran Danny Kitainik has seen, done and heard it all, providing sound engineering services at countless high-profile festivals, events, tours and West End theatre shows, alongside running a successful AV installation, hire and events technology business. So when the time came to invest in a new rental sound system at UK-based Serenityaudio, the company’s owner knew exactly what he wanted.

“For us, it’s all about delivering big festival sound and production values at smaller, often community-based events” says Danny. “The decision to go with NEXO was a combination of build and sound quality, reliability, aftersales support, performance, ease of operation and cost. There are so many benefits that it was an easy decision to make. We didn’t even try to A-B systems before we committed to take the NEXO route.

“The cost and scale of the GEO M10 is perfect for our needs; not too big and not too small. It’s easy to transport and quick for just two of us to deploy. This is really important when working in the small to medium sized production rental sector.”

The Serenityaudio system comprises 4 X GEO M1012, 4 X GEO M1025, 6 X MSUB15 and 2 X MSUB18 subs. Typically configured as ground stacks, amplification and processing is provided by four of NEXO’s compact, 4-channel NXAMP4X2MK2 powered controllers, with phase linear pre-sets for all NEXO cabinets easily selectable from the front panel touch screen. In addition to the GEO M10 cabinets and an existing stock of classic NEXO PS10s, Serenityaudio also purchased 4 X NEXO P12s for use as monitors, with the added flexibility of being able to rent them as standalone FOH speakers on corporate gigs. And there are plans to expand the NEXO inventory yet further in the coming months.

“I never grow tired of seeing the looks on musicians and event organisers faces when they hear this system for the first time” continues Danny. “The sheer quality of the on-stage and FOH sound really gets people talking, and that promotes Serenityaudio’s reputation to where we want to be: The small to mid-sized rental company with the big production values”.

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