Ligra installs NEXO at stylish Milan hospitality venue Circle
Ligra installs NEXO at stylish Milan hospitality venue Circle

Ligra installs NEXO at stylish Milan hospitality venue Circle

Nov 2023 | News | Bars & Restaurants | ePS Series | Italy

Eat. Drink. Party. Repeat. That’s the advice from Circle, an eclectic bar and restaurant space in Milan’s fashionable Tortona area, where guests can enjoy great hospitality in an urban-chic environment, from the first coffee in the morning until the last dance at night.

And of course, when it comes to the party element, it’s all about good tunes and perfect sound, delivered at Circle by a NEXO ePS system, designed and installed by Vigolzone-based AV solutions providers Ligra.

“The client and manager of the venue is also a DJ and expert audiophile who already knows the NEXO brand and appreciates its products” reports Francesco Pino, Ligra Pro Audio and Video Systems Engineer.

“The brief was to design and install a new, reliable and high-performing system for a venue that hosts a lot of social events and, above all, club nights where DJs perform with audiences of up to 600 people.”

Using NEXO NS-1 software tools to configure and predict performance, the team at Ligra designed a system to deliver consistent SPL and frequency range coverage for the main and two private rooms, separated by sound-absorbing curtains.

A total of 7 x ePS12s are deployed in the main room with LF performance extended by 4 x eLS18 subs. Smaller ePS8s are installed in the private rooms with amplification and processing provided by a pair of NEXO NXAMP4X2Mk2s, each delivering 2500W on 4 channels along with loudspeaker control, remote management and protection.

Building on NEXO’s industry standard PS Series point-source platform, the ePS Series is a ‘no-frills’, install-only range that makes NEXO’s trademark pristine, powerful, full range sound accessible to a wider range of projects.

At Circle, the horizontally mounted speakers’ rotatable asymmetric horn enabled greater coverage of the areas below and to the sides, and less above where it would meet the ceiling and generate unwanted reverberations.

Simulations of the system at Circle indicated an average Direct Sound SPL value of 114.36 dB and a standard deviation of 2.13 dB, suggesting excellent uniformity of coverage across the entire listening area.

“The final acoustic result fully satisfies the client’s expectations, with very high-quality sound reproduction, capable of expressing high sound pressures with a homogeneous distribution over the entire area to be covered, while maintaining a natural sound that does not tire the listener” says Francesco in conclusion.

“And from architectural and functional points of view, the integration is elegant and perfectly consistent with the style of the venue.”


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