Online audioversity sessions

NEXO Online Training Sessions are the perfect way for sound professionals, installers and students to learn about general acoustic principles and access specific NEXO system training, covering everything from system design and deployment through to system installation. NEXO is approved by Avixa as an RU provider so Renewal Units are earned for successfully completing the seminars.


  • Date: Sep 26th 2023
  • Course Name: AV NS-1
  • Course Language: ENGLISH
  • Audioversity

Time: 9:00 AM (Paris Time, UTC +2)

RU Credits: 1.5

Session Notes:

This class introduces NS-1, NEXO acoustic simulation program .
It presents sound system design principles using software workflow starting from venue creation and system implementation, up to its acoustical and mechanical settings to optimize its performance in a venue. Participants work on two different solutions using NEXO point source and line source according to various targets.

Host: Bertrand Billon