Nov 2015 | News | Live Events | STM | Chile

In front of an invited audience of leading rental houses and sound engineers, Real Audio Sistemas set up a large-format STM rig comprising 12 sets of STM per side, with flown and ground-stacked subs.  The location – a wide-open outdoor space – offered the listeners the opportunity to walk back more than 150 metres from the stage, which rarely happens in a controlled listening test.

PA hangs: each side, 12x STM M46 main + 12x STM B112 bass + 2x STM M28 downfill

Flown subbass: each side, 6x S118

Groundstacked subbass: each side 6x S118

Onstage monitoring: 45*N-12 line monitors

This was the first time anyone in Chile had the chance to see/hear the latest addition to the STM Series, namely the M28 cabinets, which were used in this system as downfill, but can equally well perform as main cabinets in conjunction with the B112 and S118 modules.

With a live band on-stage, the demonstration enabled visitors to get to grips with the remarkable performance of the 45*N-12 line monitors, and NEXO LatAm’s Roberto Tschopp was on hand to encourage engineers to jump up on stage and audition the quality and exceptionally tight focus of the coverage of these stage monitors.

Great demo events are about more than sound!  Real Audio Sistemas not only put a live band on the stage, but set up a hospitality marquee with bar and amazing BBQ catering.  A high-quality event to introduce the STM Series to the Chilean market.

With over 10 years in the Chilean market, Real Audio Systems, has excelled in the forefront of equipment supply, service excellence and personalized support, which has led it to be chosen for important and relevant public events , private and corporate, across the country.