Jun 2017 | News | Live Events | STM

With more than 100 rental houses worldwide now offering the STM Series modular line array, NEXO is creating a special Partner Network for customers of its flagship sound reinforcement products.

Since 2014, the STM Series of high-performance configurable line array modules has achieved global acceptance. STM modules have been put into rental inventory in more than 50 countries, as well as being specified for installation in numerous theatres and auditoria, sports arenas and stadia. The arrival of the compact STM M28 main module has enabled many smaller rental companies to join the STM elite user group, and reap the benefits of the versatile modular design.

Aimed at the touring and rental sector of its business, NEXO’s new Partner Network will bring STM owners and users closer together in a programme for global cooperation, with NEXO and with each other. One of the primary reasons for establishing a detailed international database of users is to facilitate crosshire, subhire and collaboration between STM rental houses.

The STM Partner Network programme is being overseen by Val Gilbert, NEXO Engineering Support manager for Touring and Rental. “The modularity that is the hallmark of the STM Series makes it uniquely suitable for collaboration between rental suppliers. It is easy for smaller companies to pool STM resources and be able to pitch together for larger festival and event contracts.”

A major component of the Partner Network is the provision of high-level education, training and certification. A newly-designed ETC3 training course will provide advanced and highly focussed training in the STM hardware, and in NEXO’s proprietary software tools such as the NS-1 design and simulation programme, and NeMo remote system management. The ETC3 course produces Certified STM Operators, thus expanding the database of certified engineers around the world that the Partner Network can call upon when demand is high.

An exclusive communications channel with NEXO’s Engineering Support team will give the Partner community access to the manufacturer’s highest level of technical expertise and back-up.

“There is no minimum entry requirement for our Partner Network,” continues Gilbert. “Any STM customer is automatically part of the club.”

STM Partners wishing to register can follow this link: https://nexo-sa.com/register-stm-user/