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The Classic Open-Air Music Festival in Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. The series of free outdoor concerts, organised by the city, features the Nuremberg state orchestras on stage in the Luitpoldhain park.  As a mark of respect to the tragic events in Munich this summer, two July dates were cancelled, but an enthusiastic crowd of 60,000 gathered for the next scheduled concert, with the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alexander Shelley and featuring organ soloist Cameron Carpenter.

In Phase Event is one of the primary rental suppliers of NEXO systems in Germany.  CEO Ernst Sieber and his team chose the STM modular line array for the main PA for the large Luitpoldhain park venue, augmenting the system with a variety of other NEXO loudspeaker types for the delay lines.

Event Elevator magazine has an excellent video report on the show.

 On both sides of the stage, each of the main hangs used 16x STM M28 compact ‘omni’ modules, flown underneath 3x STM M46 main modules.  8x RS18 subbass cabinets were ground-stacked centrally in cardio mode. 

Thirteen delay towers were required to cover the audience area: six towers contained 10x GEO S8 cabinets, five were equipped with 9x GEO M6 modules plus 1x RS15 sub running in cardio mode, and two contained 5 x STM M28 cabinets plus 1x RS18 sub also in cardioid mode.

All PA was running on optical fibre over a Dante network, fully controlled by NEXO/Yamaha amps and consoles, alongside AuviTran’s AVS Monitor. Yamaha digital desks were used, with experienced classical engineer Florian Denzler on a CL5 at front-of-house, and system technician Sven Kallenbach handling audio distribution via a CL1.

System specialist David Hochstenbach from NEXO’s Engineering Support Team was on hand to help set up the system, and was himself impressed by the superb results from the HF coupling between STM M46 and M28 modules over the long throw!  “By the end of our tuning day, the sound was clear and pure; it felt like a gigantic hi-fi! It was a great pleasure to work with such a positive crew as the In Phase team, who loved the phase coherence of our systems as much as the super-fast rigging of the hardware.”

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