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Mubari Sound & Light has acquired a 36-set STM system, complete with NEXO NUAR amplification, as well as an 8-way NEXO 45*N-12 stage monitoring set-up. The first project for the new rig was the  Anugerah Juara Lagu stadium show, broadcast live on Malaysian TV.  A live audience of 10,000 people was in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium, and another six million watched the show on TV or through live internet streaming.  Although the Mubari team only received its new STM Series system one week before the event, this long-time NEXO user had great confidence in the product, which was backed up by solid support from NEXO distributor Concept Audio  and system techs from NEXO itself.

“We trust NEXO!” says director Siswa Azmi Mubari (Ajun), Technical Director of Mubari.  “We bought Alpha E more than ten years ago, and are still using it.  We’ve followed the evolution of NEXO technology, buying GEO T and PS Series, and along the way, we’ve built up a successful relationship with brand NEXO mainly because it’s such a good rental product.”

In search of its new flagship system, Mubari engineers did a market survey of all the major loudspeaker manufacturers, hunting for improvements in flexibility and sound quality.  “We realised that we are really happy with what NEXO sounds like and looks like, and buying another brand would have made it harder to integrate systems.  Fortunately for us, NEXO was about to release STM, a system which delivered both the quality uplift and the flexibility we wanted.”

The modular nature of STM, an acronym for Scale Through Modularity, gives Mubari the option of configuring its inventory as one large PA, with up to 18x M46 main and B112 bass cabinets per side, or splitting it up into smaller systems.  It is a complete solution, rolling out of the truck on dollies, accompanied by dedicated amp racks with digital patching and network control.  Mubari already has a stock of 108x STM cabinets (mains, bass and subs) which will give them great flexibility in operational terms.  As explained by Syaiful Rasyidi Mubari, Mubari’s Sales & Marketing Director, “we can take a lot more bookings, using the system in small configurations for different or simultaneous functions, or in a large configuration for a prestigious awards event like Anugerah Juara Lagu, which uses 15 sets a side.  As a concept, this is win-win.”

Using a design generated by NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 software, the Mubari team rigged a FOH system comprising 15 sets of STM M46 and B112 cabinets each side of stage, with 15x S118 subs ground-stacked 3-high either side of the arena.  NEXO GEO T cabinets (12 per array) were used as outfill, additional STM M46 modules were used as infill, with NEXO PS cabs for frontfill.

Mubari Sound & Light handles a great deal of broadcast work, working for most of the TV channels in Malaysia, both private and government-owned stations.  Anugerah Juara Lagu is the most prestigious show of its kind, serviced by Mubari for the last 10 years, many of them with engineer Peter Chong at front-of-house.

An experienced studio engineer, Chong was handling 160 channels on his DiGiCo SD7 console, mainly off the 45-piece orchestra.  “I found the coverage to be very crisp and the sound very natural, particularly the vocals, which was aided by the use of Sennheiser’s new microphones.  STM has a very sweet sound which is true and not harsh at all.  However, although we aim for a maximum of 100dB in the arena, we engineers quickly found out that STM will go very loud indeed!  It will be great outdoors. I would definitely ask for this system again.”

The all-NEXO rider was completed by 8x 45°N-12 line monitors, built discreetly into the stage to supplement the in-ear monitors used by the main vocalists.  Monitor engineer Simon Khoo,  using N-12s for the first time, was impressed by their tonality, “and the way the sound still cut through perfectly, even though they were below the stage.  They are technically very interesting, producing excellent SPL from very compact cabinets.”

Simon Khoo’s DiGiCo-based monitor world was positioned just 2 metres behind five stacks of STM S118 subbass bins, piled three high.  “Even though we’re so close to the subs, we can talk at conversation levels, and, for the first time, I can clearly hear the house mix, even from here, behind the PA and behind the subs.  It’s impressive.”

On hand throughout this epic debut was the team from Concept Audio, distributors of NEXO products in Malaysia and big fans of the new STM technology.  “We’re already planning the proper launch of the STM series in KL in a couple of months,” says Andrew Lee, “but it was great to see Mubari’s confidence and enthusiasm in the product, booking it early just so that they could handle this prestigious production and coming away with such a successful result.  We’re very proud that this pioneering could take place in Malaysia!”

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