NEXO ePS on point and on budget at Pitlochry Baptist Church
NEXO ePS on point and on budget at Pitlochry Baptist Church

NEXO ePS on point and on budget at Pitlochry Baptist Church

May 2024 | News | Houses of Worship | ePS Series | United Kingdom

Mark Simcock at Progression AV is fast gaining a reputation in Scotland for highly successful church sound system designs and installations. So, when the core leadership team at Pitlochry Baptist Church took the decision to address the problems of poor intelligibility and coverage gaps from their existing system, they contacted Mark to propose a new one.

“Music is at the heart of the celebration at Pitlochry Baptist Church and the minister, the band and, indeed, the congregation are very discerning about sound” comments Mark.

“We proposed two systems of which a NEXO solution was the less expensive. NEXO’s ePS Series hits a budget-friendly price point while still delivering high levels of performance, which it makes it possible for smaller churches to get great sound without spending a large sum of money.”

The system at Pitlochry comprises of a pair of NEXO ePS10s mounted left and right at the front with LF extension from a single eLS400 sub, and a further pair of ePS8s as delays. Amplification and processing come from a single NEXO NXAMP4X1Mk2 4-channel powered TD controller, further contributing to the cost-efficiency of the system.

“Everyone is delighted with the result” continues Mark. “The minister also sings in the band and says his voice has never sounded so good.

“The system is also very versatile, which is important in a church which is also a community hub that’s used by a range of different groups throughout the week.

“Pitlochry Baptist Church is our first NEXO installation and we already have two more in the pipeline.”


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