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“The client chose NEXO based on listening tests, and we supported his choice because we knew that we would get great service from Pascal Deneef, installation manager at Audio XL,” says ASB’s Mathias Jansegers.

The venue owners, working on their second project, required a high degree of system integration, with sound, lights, screens and LEDs all under BSS control.  Audio is highly programmed, even down to a basic setting for when the cleaning crew are in. “The most important thing was to give my customer something that all of his staff could use,” continues Jansegers. The solution provided includes an audio volume fader, an inbuilt limiter and several levels of security, for example managers, waiting staff etc.

The audio for the venue is divided into seven zones: private dining, main restaurant, toilets, bar, club, terrace and a large hacienda. The bar, the club and the hacienda are the primary areas for foreground music, which is where the NEXO systems can be found.

Inside the club, 4x PS15s have been mounted on U brackets above the central area, an RS18 sub is set beneath the DJ console and there are 2x PS10s at the bar. This system provides a high SPL for the size of venue, and also allows plenty of headroom. “The RS18s are very good subs; we are running them in omni mode, and they are perfect for a compact venue like this,” says Jansegers.

Outside the venue is a large hacienda which can be used as a venue for parties, events and corporate hires. Equipped with 6x PS10 speakers and 2x RS18 subs, the area comes into its own during the warmer weather. The NEXO system can be run in conjunction with the club system, but it can also handle independent sources, including a separate DJ.

All the systems throughout are powered by NXAMP. “The latest firmware upgrade has impressive new features,” says Jansegers. “Previously I would’ve needed one more amplifier to handle this install, but the new channel-by-channel selection facility gives us much more flexibility. The linear phase set-ups have made a big difference in quality and output.”

NEXO distribution by:

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