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ID InSpace Definition describes a new category of products, intended as problem-solvers for the toolkits of system designers and installers in all areas of the audio business.  The physical characteristics of the ID Series of loudspeaker cabinets are super-compact and low profile, to enable their use in awkward and acoustically challenging spaces.  Using a variety of mounting options, the ID24 compact cabinet can fit into almost any environment, whilst its ability to offer high SPL output with variable directivities enables it to ‘beam’ sound into difficult spaces.

The ID Series is comprised of three products:

  • The ID24 full-range compact speaker, using twin 4” drivers in a V formation in combination with an HF compression driver offering four preset directivity options.
  • Complementing the ID24 are two striking low-profile powerful subs, ID S110 (1×10″) and ID S210 (2×10″).

However, the unique design of the ID24 offers the user so many possibilities for tailored specification that NEXO has designated 3 versions: ID24i for installation, ID24t for touring and AV applications, and ID24c or the “a la carte” version which allows the customer to custom-configure the speaker to match precise requirements.

The ID24 has a unique user-adjustable horn, which can be rotated easily without the need for tools by a switch on the rear panel to give 60 or 120 degree HF horizontal coverage with the standard horn fitted. This allows the HF horizontal dispersion to be ‘tuned’ for the given application – installed or touring. As the ID24 can be mounted vertically or horizontally, this effectively gives the user four different directivity options in each cabinet.

The ID24i, tailored to the fixed installation environment with its termination in captive cable for fast, secure connectivity with existing wiring, is available in Black or White with a matching fabric grille.  It comes with threaded holes for compatibility with NEXO and popular third-party mounting hardware.

For AV and live music applications, the ID24t has a touring spec, featuring Speakon connectors and quick release rigging points for easy mounting – horizontally or vertically. The ID24t, compatible with a range of NEXO accessories, is available in black with a matching steel grille.

The shape of the ID24 cabinet further maximises its possibilities.  The module can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and, using the correct accessories, can be deployed as an under-balcony reinforcement module.  In live performance situations, the ID24 can pole-mount or clip onto truss.  A purpose-designed accessory allows it to be precisely angled for stage front-fill applications.  ID24 can even be used as a wedge monitor, when stood upright in the horizontal plane.

ID24 a la carte

Unique to the ID24, the ‘carte’ version offers the customer an unprecedented level of customisation to match the loudspeaker to precise requirements.

  • Four different directivity options, all of which are reversible by rotating the horn
  • Different mounting options
  • Different colours, black, white or any RAL colour
  • Connectivity options, Speakon or captive cable
  • Grille options; steel, fabric.

ID Subbass

There are two compact, powerful subs in the ID Series. The S110 single 10” and the S210 double 10” have a low-profile, sleek design, which allows them to be easily installed discretely in a wide range of locations – within walls, staircases, under furniture and more.