ID Series flies high at Look Up atop the Skyliner in Warsaw
ID Series flies high at Look Up atop the Skyliner in Warsaw

ID Series flies high at Look Up atop the Skyliner in Warsaw

Oct 2023 | News | Bars & Restaurants | Corporate | ID Series | Poland

At 195m, the recently completed Skyliner office building in the new heart of the Warsaw Business District is one of the seven tallest buildings in Poland. A flagship investment for the Karimpol Group, it offers 49,000 sq. metres of office and retail space on 42 floors, with the prestigious Look Up event and conference space occupying the top two and providing spectacular 360-degree views of the city.

Already almost fully booked with events leading up to Christmas, Look Up comprises a dividable modern conference and banquet space for up to 100 people on the 41st floor, and a stunning 270 sq. m loft-style space with a 14.5m ceiling height on the 42nd floor, ready to accommodate up to 200 people.

With elegant interior design helping to attract events ranging from dinners and product launches to conferences and parties, it was clear from the outset that the sound system at Look Up would have to be versatile and powerful, while also making a low visual impact in the space.

Proposals were made by a number of suppliers, with the winning bid being a NEXO ID Series system designed and installed by architectural sound installation specialists Lauda Instalacje. Sales Director Marcin Popek takes up the story.

“The ID Series combines a modern design aesthetic with extraordinary power and performance from such small speakers, so it was the natural choice for the Look Up project. And the facility to change the HF dispersion of the cabinets made it easier to achieve consistent coverage in some quite unusual spaces.”

The system on the 41st floor at Look Up comprises 14 x ID24 main speakers with 1 x IDS110 and 2 x IDS108 subs covering 5 independent zones incorporating entrance area, conference rooms and walkways. On the floor above, 15 x ID24s and 4 x IDS110 subs cover the main space and an outdoor terrace, divided into 2 zones.

Processing comes from NEXO’s DTD-I TD Controllers, and amplification from a total of 5 x NEXO DTDAMP4x1.3 and 1 x DTDAMP4x0.7 amplifiers, with the entire power and processing solution occupying just 10 units of rack space.

In addition to the sound system, Lauda Instalacje also integrated video projection systems and screens in the conference facilities.

“The reaction to the ID Series system has been universally positive” continues Marcin. “Visiting DJs initially sceptical when they see the size of the speakers are amazed by the sound, with plenty of bass and headroom available to fill the dance floor.

“A typical comment we hear is: ‘I thought I’d heard good sound, but I’ve never heard anything this good’. And all this comes from a system that’s virtually invisible in the venue.

“The NEXO ID Series fits Look Up like a glove.”


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