First Audio Design Software Seminar for U.A.E

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NEXO’s Engineering Support Team has partnered with Dubai-based pro-audio specialist V.V.& Sons to host a special audio design training seminar, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Distributor of NEXO sound reinforcement products in UAE, the Pro AV Division of V.V.& Sons invited more than 20 AV design engineers to the day-long event, which was anchored by NEXO’s Nicholas Poitrenaud and Alain Boone. Nominally dedicated to NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 design software suite, the syllabus related to every loudspeaker product in NEXO’s current portfolio – PS Series, GEO S and GEO M, the STM Series of modular line array, and the latest super-compact ID Series.

“The target of this special session was to give engineers an overview of NS-1 by using a complete system design project in a theatre,” summarised Poitrenaud. Along the way, this gave the trainers the chance to cover the import/export tools available to NS-1, such as Sketchup CAD software and Ease acoustic simulation software, and to explain the integrated geometrical tools that help the designer to create audiences quickly in the software.

Experienced system designer and educator Nicholas Poitrenaud shared different methods for achieving results with point source and line source solutions. Looking at the NEXO loudspeaker range, including several models of subbass, engineers were able to specify varied speaker solutions for the same project and compare the acoustic results.

“This was a very good seminar, attended by serious engineers, many of whom had advanced skills,” commented Poitrenaud. “Tutorials like these become more important as companies and individuals in the Gulf region develop their local resources, rather than importing skills from other countries.”

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